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How To Get Rid Of A Bad Breath Smell?

Updated on January 30, 2015

Get Rid Of That!

Are you tired from having a bad breath? Do you want to finally get rid of it? Is your husband or wife sometimes getting away from you after noticing you have a bad breath? Simple! Keep on reading then.

There are many methods and ways to help you finally get rid of this disturbing issue and I will mention few of the most important methods here:

1- Check your teeth's hygiene and mouth in general:

After we finish a particular meal we might directly go to the bathroom to brush those teeth thinking that this will easily and rapidly make us get rid of the food ruins.

This is actually not true, because brushing your teeth directly after eating is not good for your teeth neither your mouth in general.

Let's say you've just finished eating a meal consisting of lemons and tomatoes and after that, you just went directly to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

The thing is that you really didn't know that you were actually ruining and destroying your teeth's enamel, which is the most important layer that protects your teeth against decay and cavities.


Tomatoes have a PH equals to 4 which is acidic and the same applies to lemons.

Your mouth's medium ( saliva ) would be slightly basic/alkali which is above the neutral level.

When you brush your teeth directly after an acidic meal your mouths medium would have gone acidic so the chemicals in your toothpaste react with the acids in your mouth resulting in the ruining of the enamel's layer.

Not to forget the brush's effect while moving it on teeth as well. So, what happens when this enamel's layer gets ruined?

The effects which a ruined enamel's layer can cause are related to having a bad breath because of getting unprotected teeth which is the enamel layer's function.

Microbes would find it easy to go and stick to your teeth and multiply to cause more microbes leading you to have more food debris and layers = a bad breath.

It is always recommended to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes after a meal and then it would be totally okay for you to go and brush your teeth.

Brush 3 times daily - not just 2 - and every time you finish brushing, make sure to clean and rinse your brush very well.


2- Change your lifestyle's diet:

That's right, foods can be the major cause for you to have a bad breath so try to avoid some foods even if you love them.

Just minimize the quantity of consumption and instead try getting used to some other alternatives.

Foods to avoid:

1- Tacos

2- Pizza





Others may cause a bad breath because of their dense proteins including: eggs - meat - fish - nuts - seeds - beans..

Drinks to avoid:



Both create suitable mediums for bacteria to grow and multiply!

Now here's a list of foods to consume more often:

Foods to consume:





5- sugarless gums

6-Probiotic Yogurt

7-Fennel seeds

8-Parsley ( contains chlorophyll)

9-Green tea



12- Lettuce


And of course do not ever forget to consume as much water as possible! not to forget water's role in healing many things, water has an important role in getting rid of a bad breath.


3- Don't skip meals!

Yes! Skipping meals can actually cause a break down of the body chemicals when there would be no food to break down in the body.

This process is called ketoacidosis and it causes a chronic bad breath! so you shouldn't be skipping any meals!

4- Check whether you have sinus and throat infections:

This kind of infection is associated with the mouth's odor since sinuses release nasal discharges that will go to the back of your throat causing a mouth odor.

Mononucleosis, strep throat and tonsillitis may continue to cause a long lasting bad breath until the infection in the throat clears up and goes away.

If you ever suspect having such an infection, just seek medical help!

In general, all causes mentioned here should be taken into consideration, don't just focus on one and leave the rest. Focus on all of them.

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