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How To Treat Acne/Zits By Natural And Medical Ways.

Updated on July 22, 2016

Cure Acne

One of our major problems as teenagers can be having acne, taking into consideration the major negative effects upon our confidence. In many cases acne would still exist even after puberty times and it may proceed in our adolescence period which could be totally disturbing and annoying to many people.

So that's why today and in this article I'm going to be mentioning some home based solutions that can help you get rid of acne and of course I'll be as well mentioning some of the good and trusted medical products that you can also use to reduce having acne.

I do however, advise you to seek recommendation from a specialized Dr if you are seeking more specific medical help and solutions.


Use Ice Cubes!

That's right! Ice cubes!

My mother has been always recommending me to use ice cubes on my face because they can kill microbes and bacteria and thus clear the face.

I advise you to make an ice-cube container especially for your acne healing procedures, you can mark it with a marking pen so it can be easier for you to identify it when it's in the freezer or just use a different container color.

Take 1 or 2 ice cubes and put them on a small towel then and cover the ice cubes by the towel and gently put it on your face and start moving it on the acne area in a slow motion. Keep it gentle and soft for about 10 to 15 minutes and after finishing just wash the towel with a hot water and a clothes washing powder then put it away to dry so you can use it the next day.

You'll quickly notice changes! I've done that and it worked so it should totally work for you too.

Note: If you have a dry skin then try not to make this procedure last a lot, do it between 2 to 5 minutes maximum.

Real results can show up within 3 to 7 days!

If you noticed having a dry skin afterwards then try to put honey on your face daily for 5 to 10 minutes and you can also mix it with some lemon, as lemon has acids that can kill dead skin cells and bacteria.

Wash Your Face 3 Times Daily

Wash your face 3 times daily! Make 2 times washing by water and the other 1 time washing by soap.

Why water? Because water has the normal PH level which totally fits any skin type and because of the natural minerals it has, so there will be no chemicals placed on your face. Wash your face with water at noon and after noon.

As for mornings or before bed times, use facial soap or liquid gel for your face.

I personally recommend you to use Neutrogena, for me it's the only liquid soap that has worked with my face and I think it will always work! What's also amazing about is that they have many types for many skin types so at first you have to know your skin type so you can select the best soap for your face.

While washing with a soap/liquid gel and after making foam, place that on your face and quickly remove it by rinsing with water. Try to put as much as possible of water and after finishing the washing process, get a clean dry towel and start tapping it on your face to dry it a bit, and make sure the towel belongs to only you!

Avoid Stress!

Yes! Stress! Is one of the major reasons of why you'd get acne on your face and body because there are cells that have receptors to stress, these cells produce an oily substance called sebum that get mixed with dead skin cells and bacteria to cover and clog hair follicles and thus creating acne.

So try to avoid stress as much as possible even if it follows you! Be stronger than it! Have at least 20 minutes of a very deep relaxation each day to help recharge your energy and relaxation.


take a deep hot shower ( if in winter) and fill the tub with hot water and foam. Remember to turn on some very relaxing piano and violin music too! Sit there for at least 20 minutes and see how it would feel afterwards!

Other example would be by taking some relaxing walk by a calm park where plants and trees would surround you, because it's one of human's nature to love being surrounded by nature.

Of course, there are many other remedies and ways to cure acne! And remember not to give up trying even if nothing seems to work out at the beginning because things will eventually work! Remember not to worry a lot about having acne because the more worries you'll have the more stress can be caused! We want you to keep away from stress so worry less.

Final tip:

Try not to rub your face or scratch it because once you do that, some dead skin cells would gather up covering your skin pores and this leads to more acne!


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