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Showering Everyday Is Not Healthy For Your Skin And Hair

Updated on December 5, 2014

A lot of people may shower everyday thinking that will help maintain a healthier skin and hair but that's actually untrue, I know you want to stay clean and keep your hygiene but you can instead try not to expose yourself to dirt and just keep up with your hygiene by simply changing underwear, wearing clean clothes, changing pads, washing your face and hands regularly etc..

Daily Showering Disadvantages In Winter:

1-Dehydration Of Your Skin:

Hot water and strong soaps can take out your skin's natural oils and kill the beneficial bacteria that protects your skin against the bad bacteria thus causing your skin to get more exposed to dehydration and bad bacteria.

Also, during winter time humidity level lowers down which makes it even harder for your skin to get moisturized.

Some people may use moisturizers and creams to keep their skin moisturized but the effects of such products won't be as useful as your own skin's oil secretions.

Showering less can make your skin softer as the skin itself can maintain its balance and moisturize itself.

2-Dehydration Of Your Hair:

As dehydration can happen to your skin, it can also happen to your hair and thus causing it to be less shiny and alive.

Your hair as well has natural oils that get secreted to protect it against damage and to keep it fresh and healthy so try to stay away from showering too much and let your own hair oils do the job to making it soft and gorgeous!

3- Damaging Of Your Skin's Immunity:

That's right! As I mentioned before and as scientists also claim, hot water with soap can kill the good bacteria that's responsible for the growth of antibodies by helping the skin cells to do so. These antibodies can kill bad bacteria.

When the oils and dead skin layers are removed from your body, the bad bacteria and chemicals would find their way into penetrating the skin easier! Thus making your skin even more weak and vulnerable.

More Possibility Of Getting Skin Irritations:

The less your skin is exposed to hot showers the less the possibility of getting skin irritations, a lot of people who already have such irritations know that the more hot showers their skin gets the more these irritations increase.

Irritations such as: rosacea, eczema and other kinds of irritation that would affect those who are allergic to certain products, getting rid of such irritations can be done by reducing showers and using less toxic and more natural products to wash up the body with.

Is Showering Less Attributed To Hotness?

There was a New York Times story concerning attractive people and super Hollywood stars who have confessed that they shower less and that they keep their hygiene by using alternatives. They also backed up their answers with true scientific reasons such as: helping to keep skin and hair moisturized and some other reasons, they also stated that they don't have much time to shower daily due to their super busy schedules.

Some of these celebrities include:

- Robert Pattinson

-Johnny Depp

- Brad pitt

-Cameron diaz

-Christina Aguilera

This might be shocking to you, right? They're all super hot and attractive and I don't think they're mistaken of not taking daily showers, there's also something called " personal hygiene " which is the most important hygiene of all, not to forget that there are certain foods that can keep you away from smelling bad.

Your thoughts on this?

Did You Know?!

Showering less can provoke your body's capability of synthesizing and absorbing vitamin D more than when you shower daily and regularly according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Vitamin D can be taken and absorbed from the sun and can be also found in some foods, it's responsible for keeping your hair and bones healthy and strong! It's also important for height and strong white teeth.

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    • msginger profile image

      Mirmana 3 years ago from AMSTERDAM

      Interesting fact about the vitamin D absorption! Voted up and useful.