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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite By Simple Methods And Without Paying ( Do It At Home)

Updated on April 5, 2015 | Source

Get rid of it

We are all subject to get cellulite, this problem doesn't have to do with weight at all as some women think, a lot of skinny women have that too and we are all suffering and trying to find the easiest and least expensive solutions for this problem.

Getting creams which claim to remove cellulie is a total false thing to do, I personally don't trust these and I certainly don't recommend any of them to anyone. So, stop wasting your money over the things that don't get you guaranteed results and save it instead.

What Is Cellulite?

Particles of fat that surround some tissues and get to be accumulated over time if we don't take care of them and don't try to reduce them. As we age, their exposure increases.

As I was young, I used to think that the main cause of these is the excessive consumption of salt but it turned out that this is not the real cause of them.

What might cause these is being too lazy & inactive, eating too much fats, dehydration, slow metabolism and the hormonal changes.

The exposure of the cellulite depends on the type of your skin, Some girls have thin skin layers and others have thick or medium ones. Those with the most thin ones get to have the most apparent exposure of cellulite, now this can answer your question of why men don't have

In fact, men actually do have cellulite but the type of their skin doesn't allow for their exposure and appearance. Men in general have thick skin layers.

How Can I Get Rid Of It?

There are many ways and things that you can do in order to get rid of Cellulite.

You just have to keep on doing the things and never give up upon doing them even if you don't see the results showing at first because nothing works fast and like magic, you have to have persistence and be a little bit patient!

Now I'll mention some of the things that you can do in order to get rid of celllite.

1- Rub Some Coffee

That's right! rubbing and scrubbing some coffee on the areas that have cellulite can help in reducing these, caffeine has a good effect of tightening. | Source

2- Massage:

As I was young my mom have always asked me to do her massage on the areas that had cellulite. I used to ask her why? She said it helps on reducing cellulite.

I can say that massage did help her as I started I used to see some changes happening around those areas.

Massage is not only helpful for the removal / reduction of cellulite, massage is also good at making your blood circulate faster around your whole body organs.

In return, the circulation of the blood makes it easier for your red blood cells to take in the oxygen and rid your organs and body - in general- from the carbon dioxide and it relaxes the whole body if it's done correctly.

I have a friend who also does this to her back thighs within her own hands, she just makes her hand in the same way you do it when you fight and do boxing, and she starts rubbing upwards with a little pressure and an oil or cream . I actually saw that she doesn't have cellulite around that area at all!

3- Do Some Exercises:

Since cellulite get its exposure on the back thighs under the butt area most of the times, then I'll be mentioning some of the exercises that everyone can be able to do and that will guarantee getting you rid of cellulite.

Just focus on them and don't forget to do them at least 20 minutes everyday!

- Do Back kicks with your legs. Just kick backwards with your legs for about 7 to 10 minutes daily.

I have a friend who's in her 30's that does this kind of exercise and she literally has no cellulite on her back thighs area at all!

- Jog : Jogging, mostly depends on your legs and by that, you'd be moving this part of your body. Try to do this by having both of your legs getting higher than when you move them while having a normal jogging.

-Do Squats: Doing squats can move this whole area right under your back, including your butt, back and front thigh. Squats would not only help in reducing the cellulite, it can also get you a great butt shape! Yeah well, we all know that..

I'm sure there are other exercises that can be done, do share tips if you have some.

Of course, laziness is not the solution. You cannot just sit down while hoping and waiting till you get rid of that by just having a good and a healthy lifestyle diet.

You have to do some sports for at least 20 minutes everyday and I don't think that these short 20 minutes are going to waste too much of your time, would they? | Source

4- Eat Healthy:

Doing only the methods and things mentioned above will not give you a complete result, so if you want to help your body more into fighting this cellulite then start having a healthy dieting lifestyle and not just get a diet for a specific period of time.

Make that as your lifestyle diet which means that you have to keep on eating healthy for the rest of your life, quit all sorts of junk foods, fatty foods, fatty oils and all.

Achieve it! | Source

Don't Forget Water!

Of course, don't you ever forget to give your body its water needs and try to supply it with at least 1.5 liters everyday, water can be helpful into removing cellulite!

Blood Types

Also, there are a lot of foods that might promote your body into gaining weight while not causing the same things for other persons, why? Because each and every person has specific and special blood types, foods works according to your blood type.

I have written a full list of all blood types along with the foods to avoid and eat + the foods that you can eat in order to help in reducing excessive fats, and the foods that you should avoid so you won't gain anything.
Check it out below!


Foods can have a deep effect on getting enrolled with your hormonal changes according to the neurotransmitters that are released depending on what specific foods can contain.

Try to balance your hormones! I might write a full detailed article about this later on because I simply can't explain it right here so if you want you can just keep on following this link by simply bookmarking it as I will be adding the link of the new article right here.

Meanwhile, you can check all the very interesting and random articles below! Enjoy.


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