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How to Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle - 4 Top Tips on How to Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle Mass

Updated on April 13, 2014

In their quest in looking for how to get ripped without losing muscle, a lot of people are being overwhelmed and misinformed with information. It is actually quite a simple and proven formula when broken down into sections. In this article we will cover 4 top tips that are proven to work and will help you achieve your goal.

How To Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle - Tip 1:

Lift heavy - One of the most common mistakes that people make is lifting for high reps when wanting to get ripped. Training by lifting heavy is the way you will hold on to your hard earned muscle when dieting down. Don't sacrifice good form for extra weight, just lift what feels heavy to you in the 6- 8 rep range per set.

How To Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle - Tip 2:

Give yourself time - The longer you take to lose your body fat the better results you will get. You won't lose as much muscle this way which is one of your main objectives. Instead of trying to rush things and get in shape for the beach in 2 months, plan ahead a longer term programme of 12 - 16 weeks. A good guide is to try and lose 1 - 2 pounds every week.

How To Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle - Tip 3:

High intensity interval training (HIIT) - This is by far the most effective way to reduce body fat while holding on to your current muscle mass. Due to the interval bursts performed with HIIT your body burns more calories.Plus it will speed up your metabolic rate for hours afterwards and continue to burn even more calories. This will save you from doing hours of endless regular cardio. HIIT only needs to be done in 20 - 30 minute sessions maximum to get amazing results.

How To Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle - Tip 4:

Cheat days - Stick to a consistent and disciplined eating plan. Having said that, to keep you sane throughout this on going process allow yourself some cheat days or cheat meals. These meals will keep you on track with your healthy eating plan.

How? Well, if you deprive yourself of something for too long then its likely you will go off track for long periods. A recommended cheat day or meals is every 7 days. Don't feel guilty about this and enjoy your cheating.Believe it or not even professional bodybuilders do this in the very early stages of preparing for contests.

How To Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle Video

Extra Bonus Top Tip

One of the key fundamentals that professional bodybuilders do to speed up the "how to get ripped without losing muscle" process is by adding fat burners to their programme.

Used in a supplement form, todays high tech burners can make a huge difference from being super ripped rather than just being lean with reasonable definition.

You will find that some of the top Mr Olympia competitors from the past like Dorian Yates, Lee Labrada and Rich Gaspari have all launched their own fat melting supplement range. have a lot of these at a discount price and if you read the reviews you will see that they deliver the results as claimed.

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