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How To Have A Good Day No Matter What

Updated on January 23, 2014

Life could be very stressful and your day could turn into a terrible one in just seconds. Could be from the moment you missed your alarm in the morning, your car broke down or just the simple fact that you missed breakfast today. Could be a million reasons but the truth is your day is way less than perfect. Problem is people around you can also feel the consequences of your bad day. A single event can cause a lot of friction between friends or family bringing later a lot of regrets for things maybe you did not mean to do or say. Not only that, a single event can bring more bad moments during the whole day and by the end of the day you are feeling defeated, very tired, stressed, without strength to keep going. I think this happen to all of us in some point of life. Nobody have great days all the time, things happen when we least expect. That's part of life.

We can not change a lot of things that happen to us, but we can change the attitude with which we face these events. We also can do some little changes that will make a huge difference between a good and a bad day. Here I give you some tips to transform your day into a wonderful one. Life is too short to waste time in a bad mood all the time. We need to be happy! The day we are living is passing and is not coming back. As many people say, time is gold, so let's take advantage of it in a great manner, let's be happy.

Let's Be Thankful

From the moment we start our day, we can determine whether it will be a good or a bad day. We have control of our lives, we decide how we want to spend the day that is just beginning. One more day of life is a very special gift, and we should be honored, excited for this precious opportunity of life . So every morning when we open our eyes get excited for the simple fact of being alive and thank God for one more chance to create beautiful things, to love and be loved, to appreciate nature and the beautiful things in life. No matter how many negative situations you have there is always a thousand reasons to be thankful. When we are grateful our day begins full of positive energy. It makes us feel happy.

Plan Your Day

Do not hurry to get up from bed every morning. Take at least five minutes to visualize your day. Just plan your day and organize the activities you have planed for today. What are you going to do first, what about after that? Keeping your schedule organized can take some stress out of your daily routine. And trust me, this is very helpful. You will feel more confident and relaxed knowing exactly what, when, and how you are going to do your activities during the whole day.

Never Skip Breakfast

When your tummy is happy you are happy, is as simple as that. Even if you are not used to eat breakfast in the morning you should at least grab a fruit or something simple that you can eat on the road. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is going to give you the energy you need to face your day in a great mood. It also is going to keep your brain working correctly so you can make good choices in every situation coming ahead.

Exercise Your Body

Trust me people. Exercising in the morning is going to make you feel alive and happy! All your body is going to be alert and full of energy. You don't have to do a long workout. A few minutes are enough to turn a whole day into a great one. Anything counts, even a 20 minutes walk around your neighborhood. If your are going outside you also have the opportunity to appreciate the nature and feel connected with the outside world. Sometimes I take a walk in the morning and it feel so good. The breeze in my face, even the smell make me feel recharged, grateful and very happy. Sometimes after my walk I come back home with some great ideas to do during my day. It is really inspiring but more important, it is very good to your body.


When you smile not only you are brightening your own day but also others. A smile is very contagious and smiling at others could be your tiny way to make other people happy. Besides, who likes to see long faces? Nobody. A smile could tell a lot about you, sometimes you don't need to talk to leave a great impression. So... cheese!

Be Around Happy People

When you are in a stressful situation what you really don't need is people complaining about everything around you. You probably have a few friends who like to complain all the time or maybe some family. There is anything wrong on deal with this type of people, but in some situations they can make a bad situation even more difficult to you. My advice, take a break from this people while you deal with your own issues. Try to be around positive people, the happier friends you have. They are going to keep you happy as well and is going to be easier to you to focus in what really matters at this moment.

Be Positive

How many of you have say this phrase in some point of a bad day? "This is not my day." The experience has telling me that sometimes we create our bad days in the mind. If I start to think that everything is wrong, guess what? Everything is going to be wrong. If you think you can't do it guess what? You are not going to be able to do it. Our mind is a very powerful tool and we need to learn how to use it but to our own benefit. Start thinking positive! Maybe you had a bad moment in some point of your day, ok, but is how you take it what really make the difference. Are you going to get frustrated for the rest of the day adding more stress and more negative energy? Or are you going to leave it behind and move on? It is only your choice.

It's Up To You

As you can see, pretty much you have control on how good your day could be. It's all about you. About what really makes you happy. No matter how busy or stressed you are, take always some time to do the activities that you really enjoy. Remember always to keep moving forward. Not because you had a single bad moment you are going to paralyze and make the rest of the day a bad one. Be around happy people and absorb that good energy coming from them. And very, very important, always be thankful. No matter how many problems we have, how bad our day has been, there is always a million reasons to be thankful. The single fact that your heart is beating and the fact that there is a tomorrow to fix what we need to fix, to love our family and to appreciate all the greatness in this world are sufficient enough to thank God and to live this day as happy as we can. :)


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    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 3 years ago

      Absolutely! :-)

    • jameygc profile image

      jameygc 3 years ago

      I am glad you like it! Thanks! You are right, if you are not happy go back to bed and start again. Life is too short to be wasted in a bad mood :)

    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 3 years ago

      Great Hub! I love your ideas and suggestions.

      I always try to stay happy... it is so important for my own sanity, happiness and health. I say, if you cannot be happy then go home back to bed and start again.

      Thanks for the great read. Voted up for useful and awesome.