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How To Take Your Relationship Out The Routine

Updated on June 7, 2013

Some time have passed since you started a romantic relationship with that special guy in your life. You can remember everything as it was yesterday. You felt so many strong emotions running through your body. Your heart beating so fast every time you was seeing him or even just talking by phone. Counting the minutes to see him again. And maybe even wasn't eating or sleeping well because all you wanted to do was think on him. But time have passed and now that you have a stable relationship everything has changed. You still love each other very much, but that excitement form the start, those strong emotions for some reason are gone and you miss them. The relation is falling into the every day monotony. The routine can make you feel like the relationship is not working anymore, like something is missing, but you know what? It's possible to bring that excitement back to the relationship. The routine is one of the worst enemies in every relationship, but if your can keep it apart from you two, everything is going to be just fine.

The Routine Can Kill Everything

First we need to know how the routine can affect our relationship. No matter how much love you have to each other, when the relationship falls into that ugly monotony slowly let you apart from each other, even when you sleep in the same bed. If you or your partner have busy schedules is easier to loose the little details that kept the spark alive. For example I have my friend Hannah. She and her husband have different schedules at work. She works during the day while her husband works during the night. They don't have too much time to spend together and when they have it, they don't feel like they want to. She says that she feels like they don't have nothing in common anymore and both have taken different ways. They live in the same house, they sleep in the same bed but they feel more like roommates than anything else. This is a perfect example of how the routine can put a couple apart.

Another effect that can cause the routine is infidelity. When strong emotions leave us is very probable that one of the parties look for these emotions elsewhere. This can lead to cheating in the relationship. When this happens , many things are affected. Trust is never the same , all the beauty they once had will be ruined and in many cases this leads to the end of the relationship. All this is very sad when happens, specially when there is still love in the relationship.

What To Do?

The goal is to try to bring those emotions back to the relationship. Those little details that sparked at first when you met. The surprise factor is important because it will awake again that curiosity toward each other. This is work for two, but someone has to take the first step, right? Don't be afraid to be you the first one. Little by little you will turn on that spark in him and will see how he is also motivated to make changes and work in the relationship. Sometimes without even realizing it. Here are some advice.
1. Messages

I bet when you first met were sent hundreds of messages a day to each other with no reason , right? Well, it's time to bring that back . Send a text message, but not just any message. Tell her how much you love him or that you can't wait to see him again . The point is that you send it when he never expects it and say what he doesn't expects to read. You can also write a little message somewhere in the house that you know he is going to see . Surprise him with an " I Love You" in the bathroom mirror during the morning. It's a nice detail, out of routine and costs nothing.

2. Go Out!

This is the plan. Call him and invite him to go out but tell him it's a surprise. Do not tell where you are going or will ruin the surprise. Choose a new place to go. A place that have not gone before. May be a new restaurant or just a picnic in the park. If you can afford a little more opt for a small hotel nearby for a weekend. It doesn't has to be far from home. The idea is to break with the monotony. He'll be interesting trying to figure out where you go and definitely will be surprised. Those butterflies are already coming back!

3. Dress For Him

This is a very simple way to break the routine and believe me , it works. The guys love when we dress and we get nice effort just for them. Is a matter of wear something sexy, fix your hair and some makeup . Ready now telling me fix surprise him just for him. I'm sure he will love it.

4. Attitude

I know still you haven't noticed, but you must accept that your attitude has changed. When we get to know our partner , our attitude is much more relaxed. You do not try to conquer him because we feel safe about the relationship. Change your attitude ! F lirt with him again , play to be an interesting woman . Forget you know him so well. Treat him with a little bit of distance but in a flirty way, that's the point. He will respond without realizing that he is doing it. It really works .

Now you have an idea of how you can use your imagination to bring back all the sparks. Is not easy to be fighting against the routine all the time but it worth it. When you break the monotony your relationship receive a boost. So don't wait one more minute and cut with the same pattern. Enjoy your new and rejuvenated relationship.


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