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Pregnancy Care - How Safe are Chemicals for Hair Treatment in Pregnant Women - Is Dye Safe?

Updated on January 31, 2015

How Safe are Chemicals for Hair Treatment for Pregnant Women

How Safe are Chemicals for Hair Treatment for Pregnant Women? When women are pregnant, there is some kind of glow that emanates from them, they call it natural beauty, and yes every pregnant woman have it. For some, they like to become more beautiful not only to boost their morale during pregnancy but they are used to it even before pregnancy. Hair care for women is very important as the hair itself is a crowning glory. it has been found out that a healthy hair means a healthier you. It is the same thing as with your nails. Maintaining hygiene, beauty and hair care during pregnancy is a plus, but safeguarding yourself about chemicals and dyes for hair treatment is another thing. In this hub, I will discuss whether chemicals for hair treatment for pregnant women are safe or not. Some women are into hair coloring, dyeing their hair during pregnancy, how safe are these practices? We will find out.

Kinds of Hair treatments which use chemicals, dyes or other substances

Usually women are curious and wanted to know if chemicals and dyes are safe for them during pregnancy, actually there are different kinds of hair treatments:

  1. Curling -- I tried this one when I was pregnant, usually they put some kind of solutions to your hair , usually these solutions are for the waves permanency or to neutralize than hair plus make it smoother to follow the waves.
  2. Hair relaxers-- usually these involve chemicals for straightening your hair
  3. Bleaching involves harsher materials -- the hydrogen peroxide
  4. Coloring hair -- usually you can color your hair permanently, temporarily and semi permanently only.

Is it safe during pregnancy --- hair treatment chemicals?

As I researched about this topic these are the following to take note :

  • The chemicals that are used for hair treatment are not evaluated in terms of its effects on pregnancy and little is known about it because there are mo sufficient data as a result of a study for that matter
  • According to American Pregnancy Association "It is likely that only a small amount of any hair treatment chemicals are actually absorbed into a woman’s system through her skin. This minimal amount is not thought to be enough to create a problem for the baby. The fixation solution used during permanents may irritate the scalp but not affect other areas of the body and a minimal amount would be absorbed. The same would be true of chemicals used in the straightening process".

About dyes :

  • Hair dyes are use to color the hair or highlight it, the things is that if you used it for highlighting your hair it is realtively safer. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), hair dyes "are probably safe to use during pregnancy because so little dye is absorbed through the skin, they cautioned however that to be safe it is recommended that "pregnant women not use permanent hair dyes during the first three months".
  • While it is true that there is a minimal amount of dyes which can affect or get through the hair it contains ammonia has a strong fumes (chemical fumes). The thing to remember here is that breathing fumes is harmful to the baby when you are pregnant
  • In general try to avoid hair dyes that contains ammonia
  • The chemical fume which is contained in hair dyes also applies to straightening products as well.


Things to consider when treating your hair with chemicals ;

  • First thing to consider is that is it worth it? or you will just wait for the pregnancy terms so that you can do and have hair treatments.
  • it is necessary to know if you have allergic reactions to any chemicals or prior knowledge about allergies
  • In any kind of treatment which you use chemicals for bleaching, dye or for permanents plus straightening, please wait until the second trimester or from pregnancy from 4th month to sixth month
  • You should thoroughly rinse and wash hair after treatment
  • Go to a well ventilated area and perform the hair treatment there

General note : According to American Pregnancy Association :

  • Never dye or bleach eyebrows or eyelashes. This could cause swelling or increase risk of infection in the eye area.
  • For those who are working as cosmetologist or around chemicals just be sure to wear gloves or work in a ventilated area plus when you eat, avoid in contact with chemicals. Little damaged has been known or risks involved as well, but better be careful as well.


  • Hair treatment using chemicals during pregnancy has not been studied thoroughly although in some studies and citing from the American Pregnancy Association and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said that that it is relatively safe to use dye during pregnancy. It is useful and recommended to follow safety precautions stated above.
  • In my own opinion, I think that it is wise for a pregnant woman to just wait after giving birth just to be sure, anyway the glow of natural beauty flows in you and mind you, all women are beautiful, you don't need any enhancement at the moment.Thank you, and I hope this hub "How Safe are Chemicals for Hair Treatment for Pregnant Women" is helpful. Share it with others.


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