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How to Change Your Life With The Power of Your Imagination

Updated on July 16, 2019
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Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

Before Neville Goddard, Before I knew What I Know Now

I’d always thought that there was something missing from my life. I thought that there was something I should have been doing, some career path I had missed that I would have taken if only I’d been braver or paid attention at school. I had missed something monumental only I just didn’t know what It was. You might have been attracted to this book for the techniques and the practise, and that is what you’ll be getting I promise. I think it’s important that you understand how I got to where I am now though. It’ll give you hope if you are stuck and show you that we’ve all been there. It has taken a good while for me to get to this point. I finally get it.

I’d read The Secret when it came out. I was intrigued and for a while I was quite enthusiastic about the prospect of getting what I wanted by asking some invisible force for it. The only problem was, I had a very short attention span and very little patience. I’d never liked the idea of waiting for something. The Saying; Good Things Come to Those Who Wait in my opinion, was made up by people who didn’t have what they wanted and were pretty unlikely to get it but they were under the mis-apprehension that they’d get it if they just patiently waited a few years. Well I didn’t want to wait…not five days, let alone five years. I did however manifest £253 in two days by asking the universe to bring me more money, a bonus cheque or something similar. I didn’t want to be greedy though, just in case Mr Universe decided I was spoilt and took some money away from me instead just to teach me a lesson.

Source: Finding Remarkable

When We Believe We Receive?

This isn't a useful phrase. It makes this whole thing slightly unattainable. For most of us it isn't anywhere near possible to believe whole-heartedly with no evidence.

The passage above is from my new book Finding Remarkable. It isn't out yet but I thought I'd give you a heads up :)

The concept of creating reality with our intentions and imagination was not lost to me. Actually I'd sort of always thought that was what was happening here but I didn't dare say it out loud, because, well you wouldn't would you?

It's been my experience that you don't have to believe in order to receive the things you want. All you need is the thought that it's possible. Or should I say the feeling.

How Does Imagination Effect Our Reality?

Who knows is the answer! I am more than sure that we will never fully comprehend what is going on here.

I am fascinated with quantum physics and science in general. I get the idea that there may well be infinite realities or possibilities. Perhaps we open up a new possibility simply by imagining it. We then have to release it in order to step into it.

Have You Read The Secret?

I read The Secret when it came out. I did some experiments and had a bit of fun with it.

It has been said that it as all too simple and that it nowhere near got what it's all about. I disagree. It really is as simple as The Secret said it was. We have the inclination to make it complicated simply because our rational brain cannot work with the concept of wishful thinking.

When we let go of the idea that it simply must be difficult in order to work because life just isn't that uncomplicated, then we let the good stuff it. We almost want to work for things because otherwise we feel that we aren't worthy of receiving.

It's been my experience that as soon as I realised the simplicity of it all, everything just fell into place.

Sure there are times when I might take longer to let something go because I have an attachment to it. I try to accept my attachment and stop fighting with it as that is how we eventually release resistance.


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