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How to Deal with Different Common Eye Problems and Injuries

Updated on January 2, 2013

Eye problems and injuries can manifest in a variety of ways and the gravity of the pain depends on how severe your eye ailments are. Headaches, sudden episodes of dizziness, feeling sluggish all of a sudden and experiencing a painful sensation around the eye sockets are just a few common symptoms of different eye conditions. The moment you begin to experience uncomfortable sensations around your eyes is the very moment you should consult with a doctor or eye professional.

Most eye conditions and injuries may easily be reversed or cured provided they are detected early on. It is easier to arrest any eye condition especially when it has already been identified by a doctor.

Even if you are not experiencing anything severe at this point, it would be wise to take certain measures to protect your eyes.

1. Eat foods that are full in Vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acids. Dark green leafy vegetables are heft in nutrients that are good for the eyes. Adding these vegetables to your meals every time is a good healthy practice. Aside from strengthening your eyesight, eating vegetables, fruits and fish can also strengthen your immunity.

2. Wear sunglasses that can protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Ironically enough, eye damage may be acquired from the sun and being exposed to UV rays for too long may lead to macular degeneration, cancer and astigmatism. Wear a prescribed pair of reading glasses or sun-readers to keep your vision clear, all the time.

3. Wear proper eyewear at work or when playing sports. Minute projectiles can land on your eyes and may cause injuries, or worse, blindness.

4. Keep healthy. A healthy lifestyle may also mean better vision. Exercise often and try to cut down on unhealthy food which may cause various eye ailments.

5. Cut down on computer usage. A lot of people rely on their computers for many things: to do their homework, office work, and for entertainment. Too much exposure to the radiation produced by your monitor may lead to several eye and neurological ailments, including cancer.

Begin your crusade for healthier eyesight today! Don't wait for the doctor's diagnosis before you start taking care of your precious peepers.


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