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How to Elicit Esoteric Authenticity: Embrace Contradiction

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Incomparable Fruit of the Spirit
Incomparable Fruit of the Spirit

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Psychology: Getting Rid of Falsely Projected Self-Importance

We, as ordinary human beings, are in fact, quite extraordinarily grand! But, at the same time, incomprehensibly contradictory and perplexingly incompatible with the present environment in which we exist. In other words, though we are perfectly matched for our individually stated patterns of human development, we are paradoxically placed in the various precarious situations and relationships in order to thrive by/through adversity created by them.

The inherent esoteric psychological make-up of each of us, in question, must unravel the subordinate parameters, while at the same time, immersing ourselves in a myriad influx of complications, as a viable means of disclosing and edifying our true nature. Because we are so innately complex, our differentiated personalities reflect the division and unrest.

We are surrounded by the weight and height of the particular ‘building’s’ molded structure of selected relationships in which our frame of reference can and will support. It would not only be pointless, futile, unproductive but totally stupid to think we are given any relative unparalleled dimension of character that can and will not support the various divisive roles we are asked to play.

In other words, through the extricated emotional events in our lives, we are magically transformed in consciousness. Without our consciousness being raised by/through the aversive circumstances, we would not evolve. The pinnacle of our existence depends upon the ‘raising of our consciousness’ in as much as we are able to withstand the superfluous games we invoke and administer.

While we are moving through the various stages in our finely articulated formed layers of self-generated disguise, many deceptively beguiling ploys will be set up, enacted upon, and submerged in. For no other reason other than to convince ourselves of our importance. This ego-driven personality aspect alone, will produce the necessity for unimaginable problematical relationships.

Nothing short of ‘tangled up’ come back to my bed competitive romantic involvements can possibly produce the necessary manure for fertilizing the flowers of our desperately needed to be disposed of jealousy, insecurity and suspicious issues.

It's all right before our eyes but now how we see it.

Getting our words and hearts to match demands submission.

Life offers a manifold of diverse situations, whereby we are placed in the coveted opportunistic roles to overcome our intrinsic frailties. No one says we will succeed or even come close to making the mark but the disturbing scenarios will continue to flow in spite and because of our own resistance to growth.

The extensively disagreeable layers in our personalities will be reflected in the various romantic involvements we gravitate to. We will never be involved with anyone who is not a direct mirror image of our current undeveloped inexperienced human nature. Locked within the boundaries of these ineffable relationships are the mysterious secrets of life revealed.

A soul’s revolution attaches itself to the poignant details in the webbously connected individual romantic affairs. We must therefore go through the windmill of erratic changes, and roller coaster of horrendously challenging rides to begin the vividly enlightening experience of what it’s like to be truly human!

We are not here on Earth to coast in, hide from or supplement our desires. Prevalent desires that will lead us to overcome their nebulously straining alluring antics. Our consciousness shall be raised due to the opposing experiences we will endure, along with the excitedly attractive enticement associated in the conquering of our infectiously wanton appetites.

When barriers of restraint are attached to the intimate unions, or conditions ascribed to the people involved, the limitless periphery necessary for soul’s growth of earth relational experience is somewhat hindered. In other words, the ‘line of demarcation’ must be radically moved to benefit from the spiritual escalating tablature.

The idealist supposition of supposed benefit is not simply gained from those things one deems beneficial. On the contrary, benefit is extracted from turbulent matters, extrapolated from irascible people, and mined from the most heartbreaking affairs. “Hurt Me One More time, Please”, a perfectly explicable mantra heard resounding in the ether as we merge into the sublimity of all creation.

Everything single characteristic of our remotely comprehended ‘state of romantic’ affairs deems our urgently needed drive to triumph over our own edgy idiosyncrasies. Though we victoriously claim to be independently self-motivated, we realize quite abruptly, without consideration, recognition and application of deeply ingrained unspeakable esoteric truths that stimulate us, we are no more than fictitious artificial sheep-dolls traveling incognito onto the highway, joining the rest of humanity’s herd-minded cattle.

In essence, we must embrace out lives passionately! Show up for every supposedly defeating occurrence, meet head-on overwhelming difficulties and dance the dance of tragedy fully vested in the emotional pain associated. Then and only then, can our consciousness be raised (drawn from within) to supersede whatever stares us in the face in order to defeat.

We draw upon the miraculous divine substance of innately majestic saturated source leave behind the fallacy of self-importance, replacing it with unmovable peace that passes all understanding.


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