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It Don't Get 'No' Better Than This; Everyday Springboard Challenges

Updated on January 27, 2013

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Image

Don't Let Your Eyes Betray You!
Don't Let Your Eyes Betray You!

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: “This is as Good as It Gets!”

As we continue our ever winding human journey each day, we are faced with many interrelated, inexplicable, adverse, troublesome barriers and obstacles that ‘seem’ to thwart our intentions, complicate our plans, stagnate our so-called progress, or at the very least interfere with our determined target goals.

Learning how to maneuver through our various daily inevitable twists and turns requires from us certain specialized honed skills, not only in patience, perseverance, fortitude, resolve, strength, courage but balance. There’s something about the word balance that immediately sets off a resistant bell in our head and rebellious streak in our bodies. Anything but balance!

None of us really know what true balance entails or exactly how to achieve it.

At least, we’d like to tell ourselves that! We either set unrealistic goals for ourselves, while striving obsessively to attain them, {never really convinced/satisfied with the results}, blabber out all sorts of reasons, explanations, excuses and defenses as to why we can’t do this or that or simply make no attempt at all in either direction silently reaffirming: “I am perfectly alright exactly as I am”, knowing perfectly well the imbued force of the lie is enough to castrate.

For a while we may try to put forth a glorified effort of half-hearted conviction to carry through with our “this time’ plans but to no avail.

So we continue to moan, groan, bitch, complain, gossip and condemn our state, as well as any others, who are at least attempting to make a stab at ‘balance’ in their lives in whatever that measure encompasses.

In the meantime, we watch ads, buy ‘quick fix’ packages, purchase the latest diet fad or self-improvement book, secretly investigate sexual gads/movies, sign up at the local gym with all the determination of a torrid bull.

This ‘psyched up’ challenge of yet another untested manner of action may or may not temporarily help us navigate through the murky waters of our own lack of understanding in the present situation.

What situation? The situation of our refusing to show up for our own ordinary everyday lives front and center!

We spend needless time, effort, and energy is trying to avoid whatever it is directly facing us at the moment by engaging in ‘thoughts of betterment’, wealth/success, and ‘delusions of grandeur’,grand spectacular adoring relationships, and ‘dreams of idolizedperfection’, recognition/admiration/respect.

Instead of reaping the untold extraordinary benefits attached to simply meeting each and every ordinary encounter presented upon our paths, we drone way the moments in self-pitiful weariness and disdainful resistance.

Until we face the incorrigible fact that our resistance is inevitably creating the existence of the lack of balance we are illusively experiencing, we will fall right back into these self-willed maneuvers according to the memory of ingrained habitual self-hoarding familiar ways of doing things.

That brings me to my next excruciatingly diffused point.

Life is an unending patterned series of sequential emotionally charged bouts of entrenched habits and favored memories. In other words, when you are experiencing your life as ‘out of balance’, you are resisting something else altogether.

You are not present but have shifted to another preferential idea of yourself and existence.

A predetermined thought has been invested in you and digested by your memory recall in order to produce a state of distraction. {Anything to keep your immobilized}

When locked into one of these never ceasing bouts of emotional ‘grab the bull by the horn’s drama’, we are aware of very little else simultaneously occurring. While nothing much changes in the scheme of things, we are oblivious to the numbed state we have inadvertently slipped into.

We then set ourselves up for the: move along like branded cattle off to the slaughter house of our own delusional branding . Rather boring, dull, monotonous, and unappealing, when one participates in the dehumanizing aspects of a robotically driven stimulus.

Certainly not the rich essence of a blood pumping, pulsating, gyrating, invigorating, energizing increasingly fascinating life desired by an erotic pleasure seeking stimulating sexually sacredly artistically motivated creature, such as you, wants to experience on a daily basis.

So what to do?

Now hear this…

Before attempting any movement whatsoever from now on state aloud affirmatively, unequivocally and enthusiastically: “It don’t get NO better than this!!!”

No matter how you view and interpret your present state of existence, the plain truth is: you are as happy, rich, mentally sound, good, happy and beautiful, sexual, psychically fit and healthy as you can possibly be.

That’s right. Exactly as you are this very moment in the precise circumstances you are currently facing, “For you, this as good as it gets.” . When you get “IT”, you will get “IT”.

Knowing that nothing ever happens by accident and that each and every event that occurs is truly significant, we must recognize what lies behind the masqueraded visitor or intruder in our thoughts inhabiting our minds.

Thoughts create distorted emotions and are falsely verified through our eyes. We simply can’t believe our eyes for they do, in fact, betray us all the time. Should we choose to follow the apparent ‘dismay of the situation’, we would all remain deeply depressed, unmotivated and truly uninspired.

But, joyfully, knowing the liberating truth that “This is as good as it gets” sets us remarkably free.

We are not inclined, interested, influenced by nor do we care to listen to, adhere, pay homage or respond to the negative messages offered in gloom and doom of how we must change either ourselves, the situation or the other, which is impossible to begin with.

We, instead choose to LAUGH!!! Yes. We roll back and let out a huge gigantic unrehearsed, unpredictable, unprepared and unprecedented belly laugh for no reason. Why? Because we want to and it feels so unexplainably soothing!

We KNOW without reservation and hesitation that the vehicle that carries us {referred to as our human body} throughout the day was designed in perfect measure for our path and no other path can suit us. All things happen each hour as they are supposed to.

Nothing added; nothing taken away.

Of course it is ridiculous and that’s why it makes perfect cosmic sense. Everything is already balanced and nothing…not a jot or title is out of place, ever! What appears to be obstructions, heartaches and disappointments are really the padding on the springboard used to propel you higher and further on your mysterious inexplicable fun-packed journey.

See the deal is: you can’t change a thing! There’s no need to.

All will occur exactly and precisely as designed from a place deep within you, without your caustic interference or relegated opinion.

You are afforded the grandiose opportunities each day to use as springboards to balance your need to balance you and your already perfect life. Think you can work with that cosmic trampoline?

"It don't get 'NO' better than this..."


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    • profile image

      Paula Andrea Pyle, MA 

      9 years ago

      Indeed, my dear internet "hub" friend.

    • katyzzz profile image


      9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is oh so very true.

      Science tells.


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