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How to Feel Super Confident in No Time

Updated on July 30, 2017

Are you feeling too low? Don’t worry. I am here to help you. There are always reasons to be depressed and feeling low. But, remember we are not alone in this race. Every human being goes through it. That’s probably because we have set standards in real world that when we can be happy and when we can be sad.

So does that mean we can not be happy when we are sad? No, you can be. Lets imagine if there were no standards set for success and failures in this world. Wouldn’t it be the greatest place to live? It would be right? So why not feel it right away? You also know that whats more important right?

There could be any reason for you being unconfident right now. If you follow the guidelines mentioned here then you can feel super confident in just matter of few minutes. Yes, it could be that fast. Lets see how.

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Stop thinking about whats bothering you

There are endless reasons to keep oneself bothered about. People have lots of problems, be it family, personal, career, travelling etc. The list goes on and on. But, did you ever wonder who is going to solve any of them for you? Nobody, right? Everyone has got their own journey and problems.

So you should stop thinking about whats bothering you right away. And, instead look for a right solution to your problem because "every problem has a solution".

Remind yourself with your own success

I am sure each one of us have moments when we were extremely happy in our life. It could be your first salary, you high school grades, awards etc. Remind yourself those moments when you felt the most happiest person in this world. It wasn’t so difficult right? So why not now?

Remembering your own moments of joy and happiness takes away your present burden. You feel more confident and powerful by doing this. Feel proud for what you have already accomplished.

Let your past go and live in the present

I agree that sometimes past bother you. But, if that past bothers you and takes away all your present pleasures then its no point in living them. We are often reminded that we should live in the present in the form of quotes or by someone else. We still tend to forget this and look back in our past because that’s how our mind works.

Rather than looking at your one failure, you should look at those difficult tasks which you have already passed. Look at those tasks which you have already accomplished which many of us would have only dreamed of. That will boost your confidence in no time.

Take a break from daunting tasks

When we are completing challenging tasks, we often forget that it takes time for any fruitful result. That is why they are called “challenging tasks”. We as humans want our result to be instantaneous. This results in disappointments and we feel like giving up. Our mind gets filled with all the possible negative emotions in the very next moment.

When such situations happen, you should take a break from whatever you are doing. To bring your confidence back, you should get in some other activity which you may like. It could be your favorite sport or game or just looking outside the window. This way you will get your lost confidence back. You can then get back to your challenging task again.

Groom yourself and look good

This is another way to boost your confidence. Your outer appearance is as important as your inner self. A bit of grooming and dressing can help you feel more confident. It doesn’t mean that you have to be super beautiful or handsome for this. But, take some care in looking overall nice in front of others.

A decent hairstyle or clean shave can make you feel more good about yourself.

Distance yourself from negative people

We are surrounded by positive as well as negative people. Research has shown that every 4 out the 5 person we meet in our life has impact in our mind and thoughts. So, avoid meeting negative people. There are lot of people around us who are incomplete and looking to shed their negative emotions somewhere.

Distance yourself from such people in order to protect your confidence. Since they can’t do anything, they will make you feel the same way.

Thus, taking a little bit of care every now and then can make your life much better. Believe in endless possibilities and you will get your confidence back in no time.


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    • techwindow profile image

      Ritesh Nishar 7 months ago


    • tomsmithnow profile image

      Tomi Smith 7 months ago

      Good tips on being confident, especially distancing yourself from negative people. Living now in the present moment is the correct way to live.