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How to help fight breast cancer

Updated on May 23, 2009

How to help

   Often times you want to do something to make a difference for someone suffering for breast cancer. Even though you may not personally find the cure for breast cancer there are many opportunities to raise awareness and money for research.

   When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer my husband ran in the Donna Deegan's National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer. Run  It is held in Jacksonville,FL. Many international runners attend; as well as national runners. This event is a great way to do your part in finding the cure. There is also a half marathon that many choose to walk. Running a marathon is for the serious runner, even if you plan to walk the half marathon there is still training involved. Nonetheless it is an event that helps keep you find and not only raises awareness but millions specifically for breast cancer research.


Run to help raise money for breast cancer research.
Run to help raise money for breast cancer research.

Race for the Cure

   Another running event is Run for the Cure. This event is also specifically for breast cancer research. It is an exciting event to be a part of. There are a lot of opportunities to participate. Like other runs you can volunteer to help with the event if you are not able to run. If we all do our part we will find the cure sooner. 


Ribbons are the symbol for breast cancer awareness.
Ribbons are the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Can't Run? Try Clicking

   If fitness or volunteering is not your style consider this simple link below. All you have to do is click to help raise money. This site helps women get mammograms. Many would agree that mammograms are an important part in fighting breast cancer.

3 Days

   If you are up for the challenge there is a 3 day event that raises money for breast cancer. It takes time and willingness to train and get in shape. However the experience is life changing. Many participants choose to participate year after year. Check out the website below.

Make strides!

   The Cancer Society has an organized walk for breast cancer. It is called making strides. It is another way you can participate in raising money for research. This walk is held throughout the country by local chapters.

   If walking is not something you are able to do consider volunteering for this event in your community. You will be surprised what a difference a few hours will make in the lives of many.

Closing Ceremony 3 Day Walk


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    • sunchild28 profile image

      sunchild28 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice hub you shared in here Lori.I quite appreciate the good work you did in here because this has been a very deadly attack which have been defeating our women and young girls.