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How to improve the quality in different aspects of life?

Updated on December 11, 2011

Don’t simply add years to life but add life to years. When you add life to your years, life will sound more beautiful. When thinking about adding life to my years, a lot of hubs on improving the quality of life came to my rescue. But now, after reading others hubs, my worry was to add life to my hub on improving the quality of life. Just thought of categorizing life into five different aspects (Physical, Personal, Social, Emotional and Financial) and have tried to give really simple steps to improve the different aspects of life. To spice it up a little more, I have added my tips to improve your quality of life in the social media Facebook and Hubpages.

Physical Life

Exercise daily!

Not to have a six pack but to have a healthy back.

Balance your diet!

Not to maintain size zero but to maintain a right size.

Eat green and you will live evergreen!

Not only you save other’s lives but also your life.

Do yoga and meditation!

Not to be in a virtual world but to enter into a relaxed world.

Personal Life

Your dressing speaks your confidence!

Don’t allow others to write a satire on your attire.

Express feelings!

You will never feel depressed because others will get impressed, when your feelings are expressed!

Have fun!

Fun at right time will help you shine like sun!

Whatever you wear, wear it with this – SMILE!

Smile helps you cross miles! Keep smiling!

Financial Life

Earn earnestly!

Money is like honey, but it should never become your honey (spouse).

Plan a budget!

Get a gadget only if it fits your budget!

Spend wisely!

Make sure you spend only what you earn, else it will take a lot to mend!

Invest intelligently!

You can harvest the benefits easily when you retire!

Emotional Life

Be smart!

Let the goals you set also be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

Balance your head and heart!

Think with your head but speak with a heart when needed!

Accept change!

When you are in your comfort range, you will never change to the next stage!

Emanate positive energy!

The entire negative will turn into positive in your life!

Social Life

Have friends!

Friends come with you till the end!

Be grateful!

Gratitude is the best attitude!

Build your network!

Networking helps in good working!

Spend quality time!

Quality time with quality friends improves your quality!

Nowadays social life is more pertained to social networking websites. Hence, I thought of adding few of my tips to be professional in these sites.

Social Media- Facebook Life

Find friends!

Not just to tag them but to have them life-long!

Status updated (Life upgraded)!

Your status in life is upgraded only when others update about your status!

Share links!

Share your thoughts only when you think it disturbs others thoughts!

Like Facebook!

But don’t say you never like to face a book!

Social media - Hubpages Life

Write quality hubs!

A hub a day is not what matters; “Hub of the day” is what matters!

Criticize constructively!

Leave an insightful comment, your comments are leveled!

Share and link!

Share your thoughts and keep linking, you can see your traffic blinking!

Enjoy Hubpages!

Don't just see the earnings, cherish the learning!

Wish to finish it by giving a simple weekly and yearly plan to improve the quality of life.

Weekly plan

Sunday should always be a funday!

Monday blues could be avoided when you meditate!

Tuesday tremors can be demolished when you think positive!

Wednesday wars come to an end when you listen to music!

Thursday turmoil gets over when you are thankful!

Friday fever gets cured when you forgive and forget!

Saturday shivers go away when you smile and relax!

Every day is a gift! Celebrate it!

Yearly plan

January, it’s just the start of the year, so don’t worry!

February, you still have a lot of time, so don’t be in a hurry!

March ahead with your positive thoughts to reach your goals!

April, month with a fool’s day, work hard not to become one!

May happiness flourish in your life!

June, and it’s time to prune your extra branches and give a new look to your life!

July, fly high with lively colors!

Make your August presence known to your world!

September, let the fire in you still glow like an ember!

It’s October, don’t become sober, you still have two more months to complete a year!

November, there is only one more month, so remember to reach your target.

December, be as cool as cucumber, Santa will gift you!

Every year is a memory, cherish it!

The quality of life is more important than life itself. Instead of comparing life then and now, start living. Plan ahead and enjoy the real taste of life. Remember its December, wait for great gifts from Santa and plan a improved life in the new year 2012. Enjoy life!


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