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How to make the law of attraction work easy

Updated on January 15, 2014
law of attraction
law of attraction | Source
law of attraction
law of attraction | Source

How to make the law of attraction work

To make the law of attraction work for you- lets first understand exactly what is is. The law of attraction clearly says that you bring into your life what you think about most. Have you ever gotten in your car; stuck the key into ignition and had a vision that your car would not start? Or maybe had your hands full of groceries and had a vision that the bottom of the bag would bust therefore making all your groceries fall to the ground? This kind of stuff happened to me all the time. At first I thought that it might just be my intuition telling me of things to come; or maybe a streak of bad luck; but the more I investigate the laws of attraction the more and more I am realizing that I am bringing this into my life.

Unlike magnetic fields that attract their polar opposites, thoughts are energy vibrations that attract their polar equivalents. This is completely crazy to think like this- but this is truly the case. Most of us were taught to believe in our limitations and to doubt our strengths. We learned to focus on our problems and deny our divinity. We were trained to respect the authorities above us—not the highest authority within us.

Better understanding

Where does the law of attraction come from?

This is a very valid question and the origination is uncertain. What I can tell you is that The Law of Attraction is as old as recorded history. It is in the Bible, and every great religious and philosophy work. It has been found on ancient Babylonian tablets, Egyptian pyramid hieroglyphics and in every great culture and society throughout history. Great political,religious, scientific and business leaders have all used the Law of Attraction to achieve great things. The Law of Attraction has been proven by medicine, science, physics and even history.

Celebrities using the law of attraction

Famous people who have used the law of attraction

These are just a few but the list goes on:

  • Bill Gates who read Charles Haanels 'The Master Key System' before his humongous success with Microsoft
  • Shakespeare, Plato, Socrates, Confuscious ,Buddha
  • Esther Williams, the swimming gold-medalist and actress of the 40's, grew up in this teaching and used it to call energy and opportunities to herself
  • Oprah Winfrey; Will Smith.
  • Jim Carey
  • Hayley Tammadon & Noel Edmonds.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • pop group LMFAO

law of attraction
law of attraction | Source

The physics behind it.

I am the kind of person that needs to understand the scientific logic in order to believe that something works, so let’s dissect the invisible world!

  • The basic units of matter are Atoms.
  • Atoms contain a nucleus and electrons which turn around the nucleus.
  • The Atom system is similar to the planets and stars. Every visible and invisible object in this universe attracts each other, and they are all energy, including thoughts.
  • Research into quantum mechanics has shown that the act of observing reality creates it. Attempting to observe something causes it to appear out of the nothing. By the same token, if you are not aware of something…it does not exist in your subjective reality.
  • In addition, the so-called placebo effect has indicated that positive or negative attitudes can produce corresponding results.

This Energy is shape able, form able, and mold able. As Creators, we shape, form and mold the Energy of the Universe through our thoughts. We transform the Energy of our thoughts into the Energy of our reality.

Simply put, Quantum Physics details the vibrating frequencies of things. Everything on this earth vibrates at certain frequencies, including our thoughts. Recent brain imaging studies are rapidly showing that the brain does in fact conform in its function to the "Law of Attraction". Perhaps the most convincing evidence to date has been the discovery of "mirror neurons" which was first seen in monkeys.

Being the emotional beings that we are, our thoughts with more positive emotions vibrate at a different frequency level than our thoughts with negative emotions. Quantum Physics scientists are now able to measure these different level of vibrations. In addition, they have made some exciting discoveries about how they affect our wealth, our Health and even our relationships.

Since nothing is fixed and everything is in a state of potential, everything is possible. As we understand that there are no limitations, and as we focus our thoughts and energy on what we want to attract in our life, we can literally call into existence anything and everything we desire.

Unlike magnetic fields that attract their polar opposites, thoughts are energy vibrations that attract their polar equivalents. This is completely nuts to think like this- but this is truly the case. Most of us were taught to believe in our limitations and to doubt our strengths. We learned to focus on our problems and deny our divinity. We were trained to respect the authorities above us, and not the highest authority within us.

law of attraction
law of attraction | Source

How to make the law of attraction work:

At first this is allot to take in and understand that you truly can have anything that you truly desire in life. It can be money; nice house; new car; health and absolutely anything that your heart’s desire. The question is why haven’t we known about this sooner, and why hasn’t anyone told us about this.

In order to make the law of attraction work you need to first clear your mind. You need to be open to this working, and not have a mental block.

1) Get out a bucket, bowl, or even empty glass. Inside this glass we want to put in it all the negative thoughts, or things that have been bothering you. Speak into the glass; bowl or bucket and say what has been going wrong. Example: My car didn’t want to start today and this is bothering me. Example 2: My daughter doesn’t want to do her homework and it bothers me. Etc. You want to put everything in that bucket or glass that has been bothering you and get it off your chest.

When the glass is full- you want to empty it. You can dump it in the trash or toilet etc. You want to get rid of it.

2) Next in order to be in a positive mentality you want to start saying everything that you are thankful in your life. It could be your 2 loving dogs; your wonderful kids etc. Continue saying everything that you are thankful in your life until you get that overwhelming joy of appreciation, and you feel blessed.

3) At this point we ask for whatever we are truly wanting in our life. You can say today I am going to manifest a new car. In this example you need to be specific. Today I am going to manifest a white ford edge with leather interior.

You then visualize this white ford edge as if you are sitting in the vehicle and it is yours. You can hear the radio; or maybe you can feel the warmth of the heated seats. You have to visualize it as it is already yours. You only want to manifest 1 thing in this setting. 2 or more can get you off focus.

4) You then get out your phone or whatever recording device you have and you repeat back in this recording device your experience of your vision: opening up the car door; sitting in the leather chair; turning the music on etc.

Reinstating this- so that you can hear what you are saying charges your thought and energy and manifests what you are wanting.

5) Now I want you to envision that you have a huge spark growing in your heart. It is trickling down to your arms and your legs and then your head. Your body is completely glowing with this energy.

6) Then you in vision your energy being released up into the sky, and you say “it is done” and It’s that simple. The key to this is letting it go and releasing it. You don’t want to be like a haunting or lingering boyfriend or girlfriend- you need to release it.

Where can I learn more about the law of attraction?

The book the Secret talks all about this- among several books that have been done on this. I am not trying to sell you some book or advertisement. This is not some type of scam, and this isn’t something new- just maybe new to you. As long as you’re open to the possibilities - positive things will happen. You will also begin to notice all the negative people in your life once you start doing this, and understand why certain people are where they are in life.

Thank you for reading How to make the Law of attraction work easy. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Law of attraction
Law of attraction | Source
law of attraction and einstein
law of attraction and einstein


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    • Stephanie Lal profile image

      Stephanie Lal 

      2 years ago

      Enjoyed reading. Very nice explained! Great artricle!


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