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How to quit smoking? 5 Simple steps to quit smoking

Updated on August 15, 2012
Nowadays, smoking has become an essential evil in the society. The most peculiar thing about this habit is that smoking is far easier to start but most difficult to quit. To quit this deadly habit one requires strong will power along with the proper planning for the same. Here I am discussing a simple but very effective five step plan to quit smoking. I request you to read this article by emphasizing on each word from start to end to draw real benefit from it.

Step one- Fix a date for quitting smoking

First step to quit smoking is to set a fix date for quitting the smoking. Remember, that there is very less chance of quitting smoking if you will go through the path of quitting this habit slowly-slowly. As before quitting you must know that most of the smokers bounce back to this habit as they don’t have a fixed date of quitting this habit.

Step two- Know your craving for the smoking and plan an alternate for it

Smoking habit is associated with strong craving at certain times. Before quitting you must identify your craving for the smoking and must work out for an alternate at that time. Most of the smokers have craving for the cigarette in the following situations.

Craving for cigarette after meal- Most of the smokers have a strong craving for the cigarette after meal. You can go for some healthy alternate for it like taking a cup of tea or coffee after meal to suppress your craving.

Craving for cigarette with alcohol- This is the most common situation and most of the smokers relapse to smoking during taking alcohol. There are many effects of alcohol on the body and one of them is that it depresses the central nervous system and which result in lower will power. First try to avoid alcohol for first few months of quitting smoking but still you can’t control it then try to drink in the no smoking zones.

Craving for cigarette early in the morning-If you are a smoker then you must be aware of the craving for the nicotine early in the morning. Try to drink plenty of water early in the morning; it will help you to control your desire for smoking cigarette.

Craving for cigarette with the smokers- Peer pressure plays an important role and chief reason why people can’t quit smoking easily. Try to avoid such friend circle in the early days of your quit smoking campaign.

Step three- Motivate yourself daily for quitting smoking

Motivation plays an important role in quitting your habit of smoking. Motivated person always has a high level of will power and lesser chance of smoking again. You can motivate yourself by either of ways-
1. Daily, tell yourself that you will not smoke; this will make an impact on your subconscious mind help you to quit smoking. You can also take help or meditation also to regulate your thoughts and to enhance your personality. You can take help of the following article to control your thoughts- The secret behind your personality.
2. You can also motivate yourself by tracking your increased weight due to quitting smoking. Increased weight can be tracked by increased waist of your trousers. Also, do not forget to develop convert your increased fat into muscles by continuous exercise.
3. Also, you can motivate yourself by the healthy amount you will save after quitting smoking. You can reward yourself by taking some gift to yourself or your beloved one from the saved amount.

Step four- Take help of your closed one to quit smoking

Remember that your friends and closed one can give you a real boost to quit smoking. Tell your friends that you are quitting smoking and require their full support in same. They can be your real motivating force for quitting smoke and will strengthen you whenever you feel weak or develop a desire of smoking.

Step five- Don’t get disheartened if in case you smoked a cigarette during quitting

Remember that it’s not easy to quit smoking and most of the smokers do fall in the trap of smoking again due to strong craving. If you also had smoked a cigarette due to craving then you should not blame yourself instead take a U-turn from there and motivate yourself again. But, remember not to make a habit of relapsing to smoking.

My last words of advice- No one in this world can help you to quit smoking unless you yourself decide with form will power that you will not smoke again. Cigarette smoking doesn’t have a single good effect on the body. It takes 10 seconds to smoke a cigarette but that single cigarette takes away crucial 10 minutes from your life. So, think over it with open heart and opt for a healthy life.

Watch the video on quitting smoking


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    • profile image

      Manupranay 2 years ago

      but after quitting the cinema starts . . .

      withdrawal symptoms will be generated sir . .

      if one could control and overcome the huddles then he will become the of that cinema otherwise he will become zero

    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 5 years ago from India

      Thanks for the appreciation............very truly said that most of the points are true and practical to implement.

    • profile image

      twinly 5 years ago

      Great tips. A lot of true points.