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How to recognize and utilize your own strengths in gym and law of individual differences

Updated on October 26, 2012

There are 16 or so different kinds of strengths

Hi friends,

Do you know there really are sixteen or so different ways you can make yourself better at something than you are now. "Endurance" is counted as a kind of strength for simplicity sake.

So there is limit strength, speed strength, explosive strength, aerobic strength, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, static strength, ballistic strength... the list goes on. Each of these are -=VERY=- specific!! Training for one may have carry-over strength to another, but this is quite limited. A powerlifter and a boxer are both very strong. Ask a power lifter to punch a pad hooked to a monitor, and compare the force of the strike with the boxer's. Even an amateur boxer can score higher. Ask a boxer to deadlift or squat. Even an amateur powerlifter can beat him. These are two very different kinds of strength, and can train specifically for one or the other, depending on your goals and the requirements of your sport.

Doing lots of really fast push ups will not increase your bench. It will increase your ability to do lots of really fast push ups by improving your reactive strength, starting strength, and local muscular endurance.

Doing really heavy bench presses will not improve your push ups. It will increase your ability to do heavy bench presses by improving your limit strength, and explosive strength.

This is where the Law of Individual differences comes in! And this is why nearly every workout program ever designed falls short of "best" in good-better-best; because the program recommends only one, and the person needs the other. Some people need both! And still some may have an entirely different need and should use neither.

What stays the same through all this are the 7 laws of adaptation. While everything else is subjective and changing, the 7 laws are "written in stone". They NEVER change, and they ALWAYS apply.

Britney Spears working out in her gym.
Britney Spears working out in her gym.

Do you know something about other types of strengths, please comment below

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