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How to Use Bonjela 15g for Mouth Ulcers and Sores

Updated on September 25, 2010

How to use Bonjela

Mouth Ulcers and Score are diseases that exist but people take them for granted or are not aware of their existences. The Mouth Ulcers Occurs in the skin of the mouth and many cases

Mouth Ulcers has no clear causes. It is thought by doctors and medical practitioner that Mouth Ulcers is caused by Virus. Mouth Ulcers may start with small cut on the inside, and this could be caused by biting the skin knowingly or by mistake while eating or chewing something, after the bite the wound becomes infected by mouth Ulcer virus. Mouth Ulcers could also be caused by lack of nutritional food like vitamins.

Once need to eat a lot of vitamins to avoid problem with mouth Ulcers. Initial stages of Mouth Ulcers are very painful and irritating; usually causing sting when one eats fruits like lemons or vinegar and can catch on teeth or on crisp foods such as apples or raw carrot. Mouth Ulcers are treated by antiseptic mouth gel which relieve pains in about 10 days

For the Gum Sores which are large boils, swollen or lumps which appear on the gums and this happens mostly as a result of poor oral hygiene, It start when the gum becomes infected and normally resembles spot found on our body skin, a gum boil is also known to be a way of fighting off infection, and sometimes can be very painful result in eating difficulty and other causes could be bad diet or poor nutritional diet or one might have been run down. Use gel to ease pain and keep the boil clean.

How can you use Bonjela

Bonjela is used to relieve pain and discomfort of teething in babies, the disorder such as mouth ulcers, denture discomfort and cold score in people whether a child or an adult

Bonjela is found in 15g tube in distinctive blue packaging and contains various ingredients which eases mouth pain and can also soothe away inflammation and give antiseptic protection. One good features of Bonjela is that it has pleasant flavor which people are comfortable with, other features of Bonjela includes ability to relieve pain faster, provide up to 4 hours of pain relief and it is also sugar free, and this helps for those who do not take sugar or fear tooth decay

Mouth Ulcers and Score


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