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How To Pick A Good Name For Your New Baby? Parents Choice! The Best Baby Names To Choose!

Updated on February 23, 2012

Choosing the RIGHT name for your new baby

Baby's Name a Parent's Pick

As official parents -- meaning two people have come together and made a baby, and in this world - that makes you a mom and a dad... and a parent!

Now personally I don't think an egg and sperm make anyone parents, but hey... that is a completely different HUB!

But - it does put you into a very very powerful position, in regards to another persons life! In fact, one of you and hopefully both will have an active part in choosing your baby's NAME!

Oh, the stress of it all! Well, as far as I am concerned, you better stress about naming your baby. Do you realize just how important your baby's name is? I mean - we are talking LIFE here... until the very end of it! Now, don't you think that you owe it to this innocent child - to then, do them right, on at least their NAME?

Lets face it... parents make a lot of mistakes. I can testify of this reality! But you don't need to make a mistake on picking your baby's name IF you know and understand the importance of WHY you need to pick the RIGHT NAME!

Why is choosing the right baby name so important?

Deciding on your baby's name really doesn't need to be all that stressful. Let's just be logical about it, instead of trying to be trendy about picking a name for your baby.

  1. Why you choose a particular name?

  2. What the name that you choose for your baby STANDS for... it's meaning.

  3. How you chose it -- meaning your personal reasons for choosing that NAME?

Where did my name come from? I don't like it!

So, you need to have a great reason for picking the name of your baby...
So, you need to have a great reason for picking the name of your baby...

The "WHY" of choosing a baby name?

Why? You better be able to answer this question with authority, when your child asks you this question. Think about it? YOU MUST!

"Why", is one of the first words that your cute baby learns. And they are going to want to know the answer to how you chose their name.... fairly early in life. This question will be an absolute that you can expect as a parent. So, don't mess it up!

They are going to ask you WHY you picked out the name that you gave them.... Because after all... they are STUCK with it for LIFE! Remember.... I told you:-)

And of course, along with the answer to the question about the birds and the bees... you better be direct, honest and have a darn good answer.

Does this give you any indicator of just how important the name you choose for your new baby is? I hope so. It stands right next to, in importance -- the meaning of life question!

Get it! Their meaning! Now mom and dad.... that is POWERFUL PARENTING, which has the ability to TEACH your baby from the time he/she is born... the very DAY, about WHO they are, in your EYES.

It really is MAGIC! I love my children's names, but if I knew I could go back and apply this understanding to the picking of my babies names again... hmmm?

But, here you go... parenting is never in the rear! Although, kids can most certainly be a pain in one!

Do you want to tell these sweet faces that their names "was" trendy or popular?

What will you tell them about their names?
What will you tell them about their names?


What does the baby name you choose hope to teach your child?

Now... this is where you begin to understand just how important and powerful, the picking or choosing of the right name for your new baby CAN be IF you understand WHY it is so important first!

Can you now see, just what a privilege it is, which life has granted to parents to choose the name that their sweet little baby, will then be known throughout their lives?

A name is a label or a concept, and even a 'lesson' self-contained... if you will. When you choose a name for your baby, who will develop and grow up -- into the name that you chose - again, it will be a powerful move on your part - in literally developing the very foundation of their worth in their minds - of that particular human being.

That is LIFE!

So, Mom and Dad - what is the most important message that you could send by what you name your new baby? What, how and why - will you choose a specific name - so that it will have a purpose in your child's life, and not just be some cute, clever, popular, trendy, etc... stamp?

A stamp is albeit a label.... but to me, it is more of a judgement. I don't like stamps for names. Stamps of approval or disapproval come after the living of a life and can become heritage.

Play the name game to prove this point to yourself...

I SAY Abraham Lincoln, and You SAY...

I SAY Donald Trump, and You Say...

I SAY Jesus Christ, and You Say...

I SAY Oprah Winfrey, and You SAY...

I SAY Ronald Reagan, and You Say...

I SAY Mother Theresa, and You Say...

I SAY Gandhi, and You Say...


For just a minute... think about this? What IF you gave your new baby one of these names?

What to name your baby should be this easy...

How to decide on a name for your baby

And, ultimately to them also! It is the very first message about their existence that they are given, and by YOU.

Again, that is POWERFUL PARENTING and from the very beginning of a life. A life, that as a parent - or in other words - a TEACHER - is a privilege, a stewardship and a gift - of which a parents can be the FIRST - to make their mark.... before the world steps in.

A name - their name - will be heard on a daily basis throughout their lives... you may not always be around, to remind your child, of their very great worth as an individual human being; but if you lay the foundation of these teachings from their youth... it will always be there for them.

Choosing a NAME for your baby, which you WILL teach its importance and value - may very well - be one of the strongest elements of a foundation, that you can give to one you care so deeply about.

You, from this point on - after the choosing of this sacred name - are completely OUT OF CONTROL... so, do that which will place upon your baby - an endowment of POWER!

And, this - that type of power and energy - that keeps giving in very silent ways... throughout their entire lives - come - what- may!



Tell me what you think about a NAME....

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    • LondonGirl profile image


      8 years ago from London

      "So many women in the hospital hadn't even chosen names by the time their babies were days old!"

      That was us - Isaac was 8 days old before we decided for certain (-:

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      9 years ago from United States

      izettl -

      You and I are definitely on the same page, when it comes to the power and importance of a name!  I too, love knowing about your name, and how it has obviously impacted your life.  Choosing the right baby name - is not rocket science, but a matter of choosing to have an powerful influence for good, on a child.

      Write On!

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 

      9 years ago from The Great Northwest

      Great hub! THank you for mentioning the trendy names- my pet peeve! I think a child's name should have some sentimental and/or reason behind the name. It makes them feel special. I love who I was named after ("Laura" Ingalls Wilder) she was a great character on Little House on the Prairie and a writer, perhaps why I naturally love writing. I liked that my name wasn't the popular one from my era- Jennifer.

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      SolarShingles -

      You are right on!

      I have been amazed at the names that some parents have given a child, when realizing what other children will do with that name. It causes one to wonder what those parents were thinking? Certainly NOT about the child that would wear that name all the days of their lives.

      Write On!

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States


      Thank you for sharing the rough time that you have had with your own name... Honestly, parents really need to think of so many potential scenarios when naming their baby.

      Write On!

    • solarshingles profile image


      10 years ago from london

      Name is simply very important issue in one's life. With choosing 'bad-wrong' name parents could sometimes create very harsh conditions for their child in school, because some names are just asking to laugh to or to make 'nasty jokes' with or even spark bullying from schoolmates (a child could really suffer, due to its name). Parents should have these facts in their minds while picking the right name for their new coming child.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish MS 

      10 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      It is VERY important to have the right name. In school, I was in trouble because I was given a nickname for a first name by my parents -- The teachers did not believe it. Then I found job interviewers would not take the name seriously. My name has caused me nothing but trouble and has cost me jobs and respect. Yes, I should change it.

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      Clint -

      I guess that means you can wipe the sweat off your brows.... no one needs therapy at your house! LOL

      Write On!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great Hub, and some very thoughtful information.Makes one wonder if there was better chooses. But I think all 3 of mine are pleased with their names.

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      That's great Brittany. There really is so much more to naming a baby, that making sure it is trendy, popular or just because 'you' like it.

      Glad you stopped by:-)

      Write On!

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      Hi bluerabbit,

      LOL... Yes, it makes you wonder if anyone ever looks beyond just the "name" when naming a child?

      You make a great point, which should cause us all to do more research on a name, if only that we choose it because it "sounds" pretty or interesting.

      A name, is certainly Not JUST A NAME:-)

      Thanks for commenting.


    • bluerabbit profile image


      10 years ago

      Excellent article! You are absolutely correct. I wonder why girls are so often named Dolores. It's pretty, but it means "pains" or "sorrows". What a burden--especially when the family speaks Spanish and that meaning is right there all the time.

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      Hi karinmindell,

      Isn't that the truth! Thanks for your comment:-)

      Write On!

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      Hi tjmum -

      Perhaps you should print this article and hand this to parents who have not considered how important choosing a name for their new baby is... maybe it will stir them to pick a baby name that has meaning, value and that they can be proud of choosing.

      How sad for the child that finds out that mom and dad just couldn't get their act together at this point of their entry into life? Makes you wonder what the statistics would be... of how good of parents overall, these parents who were so unprepared in naming their children... how it all turned out?

      Wouldn't THAT be a fascinating study? And also of the children and what and how their names, knowing if it meant something to their parents... how did this affect that person in their lives?

      I think that we would be surprised at how much impact our names, their origin of how that name was chosen, the meaning, etc... affect that single life...


    • tjmum profile image


      10 years ago from Isle of Wight

      So many women in the hospital hadn't even chosen names by the time their babies were days old! I have given both of my boys a middle name in case they dislike their first ones - I hate my name and was always annoyed my parents hadn't given me the choice to use my middle name. Hopefully (as they are perfectly ordinary, respectful names) that wont happen, but you never know. Here are some of the names I became aquainted with in my life before kids (and they're all true):

      Lee Larry Lambkin

      Raven Mead

      Krystal Carrington

      Athene Star


    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      cgull8m -

      Thanks for visiting and yes... it is good for us to 'hook up' our Hubs on this topic! Thanks.... Yeah! The video was hilarious to me when I found it... and I couldn't resist posting it:-)


    • cgull8m profile image


      10 years ago from North Carolina

      This is a great hub, I will put a link in mine, they should read this. The video is hilarious. Explaining the baby why they named, will tell them how special they are.

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      Hi sminut13 -

      Thanks for coming by and commenting. So, you are getting ready for baby huh? That is wonderful. C

      Congratulations. Is it a boy or is it a girl?

      I hope that some of my thoughts have given you more thought about how you can better choose a name for your new baby.

      Promise me, that you will come back and tell me what name you chose and why? And IF this Hub was helpful, in your deciding what to name your baby... and HOW:-)


    • sminut13 profile image


      10 years ago from singapore

      thanks so much for this great hub. i too am having trouble thinking up names for my child right now. hehe

    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      Hi Doghouse-

      Thank. Yes, there is more power in a name, than many people truly understand:-)



    • Write On! profile imageAUTHOR

      Write On! 

      10 years ago from United States

      Patty -

      LOL..... So, you get it! That is wonderful:-) I really believe that who we CAN be is in our NAMES. AWESOME:-)

      Wouldn't it be great if our children had in their names these very values, lessons and attitudes of some of the great people that we personally know or know about... be they family, religious, historical, etc.

      Thanks for popping in.



    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 

      10 years ago from California

      I would have to agree, a name is a very important thing. Thank you for this interesting HUB pointing out that very power.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish MS 

      10 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      OK, I played! 

      I SAY Abraham Lincoln, and You SAY... integrity

      I SAY Donald Trump, and You Say... advertising

      I SAY Jesus Christ, and You Say...sacrifice

      I SAY Oprah Winfrey, and You SAY... sexual abuse

      I SAY Ronald Reagan, and You Say... why did he switch parties?

      I SAY Mother Theresa, and You Say... sacrifice and compassion

      I SAY Gandhi, and You Say... sacrifice & victory


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