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How To Choose Eyeglass Frames

Updated on October 22, 2011

Eyeglasses or spectacles, in early days used only for correcting vision errors, but these days it is used for both; vision correcting tool as well as a fashion accessory.

So, if you’re putting on glasses as a fashion add-on then it is important to choose eyeglasses or spectacles that improves your personality and looks. Go for an eyeglasses frame that compliments the shape of your face and features, your complexion, your hair and of course, your life style.

To know what suits your face and features, color and hair you have a free hand to check every frame available. But some guideline on how to choose eye glasses would help you in saving your time.

Face Shapes

To examine your face shape correctly tie your hair back in a bun or ponytail of you have long hair, else you just have to look into the mirror to first find out what is your face shape? Choose frames according to your facial cut.

Oval or Egg Shape

Oval or egg shape faces are balanced from top and bottom. It can be easily compliment with any type of frames. Experiment with all classics styles and new trends to get one that suits your personality and life style. If you wish to keep the usual balance of oval face pick a frame wider than your face and as wide as your face or the frames that are not too narrow or not very deep.

Square Shape Face

Square shape faces can more nicely complimented by soft frames made from thin metals. It gives a softer look to angular feature.

Oval or cat-eye shape can help in contouring broad forehead and cheeks. As round faces’ length and width are matching without any angular feature, so, round frames can compliment it best.

Triangle Shape Face

  • Base-down triangle

    This type of faces is wide from chin and cheeks and narrow at forehead. Cat eye frames or frames with detailing on upper half can go best with this type of face.

  • Base-up triangle

    Faces wide from forehead and cheeks followed by a narrow chin are categorized as base-up triangle type. Rimless and soft metal frames can suit best. It gives a softer and balanced look to the face.

Round Shape Face

Width and length of the round shape faces are in proportion, without any angular features. To contrast this type of face, grab a geometrical or rectangular frame.

It helps in giving face a longer and also sharpens the features. Avoid deeper designs as it will make the face look more round. To widen eyes pick a frame that has clear bridge.

Heart Shape Face

Heart shape faces have angular chon fellows up with a wider forehead. This type of faces can be balanced best by frames that are narrow at top and wider and bottom.

Diamond Shape Face

Diamond shaped faces can be more beautifully compliment by a small oval or rectangular frame.

This type of faces has angular chin angles up with wide temples fellows up a narrow forehead, it can be balanced by small rectangular or oval frame, and it can apparently minimize the wideness of temples.

Oblong Shaped Face

You make your oblong face seemingly less longer and a bit wider, if compliment with decorative deeper frames rather than wider ones. Frames with low bridge can help in balancing a longish nose.

Choose Frames According To Your Facial Features

Eye Lashes

While choosing frame, must consider your eye lashes’ length. If your eye lashes are brushing against lens you won’t feel comfortable in wearing your glasses.

Facial Hair / Beard

If you have beard on your face then do not go for larger frames as it will more mask up your features. Opt for a smaller frame for better balancing.

Head Width

Do not pick a frame that is smaller than your head width, as it would give a squeezed look to your face.

Complexion and Hair

If you have dark hair then bright color frames are best to flatter with as red or purple. Frames dark in color can go best with darker skin tone.


If you’re a business man or professional then you should pick metal frames with matt finish in dark colors.

For sports and comparatives tough use titanium are best as metal bends and plastic breaks easily.

You are a student and have to wear spectacles in campus then make a style of your own, go for what suits you best not for what is new or in.

Last But Important

Be confident in carrying eye glasses. Make it your style rather than just a vision correcting tool.

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How To Buy Fashion Eyeglasses


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    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 7 years ago from Egypt

      nice tips, Hassam. thnx for sharing

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks! :). I too like wearing glasses.

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle Schultz 7 years ago from United States

      This is really awesome. :) Thanks for doing the research. :) I'm stuck wearing glasses. I figure it adds personality. :)