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How To Sleep Better

Updated on October 22, 2011

Sleep is one of the most primary needs for the human body. We all are aware about this fact, that deficiency of sleep causes laziness and drowsiness in our work and our productivity declines drastically.

Insomnia is now thought to be one of the major causes of poor performance and lack of concentration among the school and college students. Not just the students, but people of all age groups and gender are suffering from these problems of sleep deprivation.

Many people implement not good habits of consuming too much alcohol or other types of drugs or mainly depend on sleeping pills for a better sleep. If you want to know how to go to sleep fast then read more, wherein, I have talked about some important methods of going to sleep faster.

Make A Better Atmosphere For Sleep

If you think you are getting enough sleep, but you have still some problems in waking up in the morning, fight with daytime sleepiness, or feel cranky and tired despite clocking many hours in bed, you may not be taking enough of the deep soothing sleep your body requires.

In order to make deeper your sleep and minimize disturbances during the night, you may require making some alterations to your sleep environment, such as;

Your Bed

Is your bed big enough? You must have enough big room to stretch and turn easily.

Your Mattress, Bedding and Pillows

 Waking up with a pain in your back or a sore neck. Experiment with different levels of mattress insistence, egg crate toppers or foam toppers, and pillows that present much more support.

Your Room Atmosphere

The Noise Level Should Be Down 

So much noise, loud outside gossiping, televisions loud, traffic and music—can make it hard to sleep well. If outside noise can not be stopped, try to masking it with a fan or recordings of relaxing sounds. Earplugs may also aid.

Your Room Should Be Dark During Sleep Hours 

When it is time to sleep, make assure that your room is dark. Even faint lights—especially those from computer or television screens—can confound the body clock. Heavy shades can aid prevent light from windows.

Room Ventilation and Temperature

If you can, test with the room temperature. Most of the people sleep sound in a slightly cooler room with enough ventilation. Check out your doors and windows to make sure that drafts are not intrusive with sleep.

Preserve Your Bed For Sleeping

If you relate your bed with events like errands or work, it will only make it difficult to wind down at night time.

Reduce Screen Time Before Bed

Stop checking your emails or watching television just before bedtime and you will sleep better. Current study depicts that people who use electronic media (read: watch at a backlit screen) just prior to bedtime report bad-quality sleep still when they take as much sleep as a non-pre-bedtime screen heads.

Exercise is a must to get better sleep.
Exercise is a must to get better sleep.

Eat To Enhance Your Sleep

Some foods are more helpful to a better sleep in night than others. You have already known about warm milk, turkey and chamomile tea, but lists of some other foods, like bananas, oatmeal, potatoes and whole-wheat bread.

Go Out For Physical Exercises

Physical exercises and sleep are interconnected. Just think out of your daily routine. Are some physical exercises never being a part of your everyday routine? Well, then possibly you can experience from sleep deprivation. Exercises are very good for proper blood circulation and appropriate functioning of the cells.

A light snack before sleep will help you sleep better
A light snack before sleep will help you sleep better

Many physical exercises sooth the nerves and keep your mind relaxed. Practicing different exercises can give you miraculous consequences. If you can not hit the gym or can not do workouts, try mediation and yoga.

Have A Light Snack Before Bed

When your stomach is too empty that can meddle with sleep. Still, if you eat a heavy food before bedtime that can disturb as well. Turkey and dairy products contain tryptophan, which normally acts as a natural sleep inducer. Tryptophan is most likely why a warm glass of milk is often recommended.

Take A Hot Bath 60 Minutes Before Bedtime

A hot bath will increase your body temperature, but it is the decline in your body temperature that may put down you feeling sleepy.


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