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Ideal Daily Dosage of Pure Hoodia

Updated on March 12, 2011

Many people around the world experience weight problems from different causes. Apart from their physical problem, these people also have the same desire to get rid of the excess fat from their bodies to look normal, be healthy and live life fully. Most of these people have tried different weight loss products.

Among these particular products, the Hoodia Gordonii products are one of the most popular. Products containing Hoodia Gordonii in their composition are readily found in a variety of forms available to consumers.

Thus, some companies will mix Hoodia Gordonii with harsh chemicals and a lot of substances that can harm your body instead of making it feel and look better. Other companies offer Hoodia Gordonii as a pure substance in different amounts, starting from 400mg to 750mg and sometimes even more.

People who have purchased the product and are counting on it to help them in their wieght loss efforts should know that there is an optimal dosage to take. In order for the product to make its effect, you should follow these guidelines for the ideal daily dosage of Hoodia Gordonii.

The first step of your Hoodia Gordonii diet should be checking the exact amount of Hoodia Gordonii contained in each pill on the label. Many of the weight loss products on the market are nothing but scams that take advantage of the permanently rising demand of dietary supplements and for profit sake, they replace the Hoodia Gordonii in the dietary pill they market with different Hoodia imitation powders. They may also reduce the amount of Hoodia Gordonii the label says a pill should contain.

To avoid purchasing a weight loss product like this, the best thing to do is to purchase the Hoodia Gordonii product from a credible company. Credible companies can prove that the amount of Hoodia Gordonii specified on the label is correct by showing certifications or lab test results on the product.

The ideal daily dosage of Hoodia Gordonii is only 500mg. It is the right amount of Hoodia Gordonii to reduce the appetite and assist in shedding the extra weight. However, the amount can vary with health condition, body weight and other similar factors.

In order to monitor the effects of Hoodia Gordonii on your body, start with small amounts. You can increase the dosage gradually. Up to 750mmg per day if you realize you are feeling fine and the effects are beneficial.

The effects of Hoodia on your body will begin in 2 or 3 days. However, remember that Hoodia Gordonii will help lose weight only in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical exercise.


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  • Bronson_Hub profile image

    Bronson_Hub 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

    Informative. Didn't even know what hoodia was until now. Thank you!