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"It's All In Your Mind"

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Psycho-Analysis

Unconscious Selective Images
Unconscious Selective Images

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: YOU are the walking sexual embodiment of how you feel!

Human beings are innately sexual creatures! We thrive on pleasure and work hard to avoid pain. Our cleverly instituted devices to satisfy our deeply infused artistic yearnings generate experiences needful, vital, and nurturing.

Be open enough to allow the sublime scared sexual artistic flowing thrill to merge without resistance. Layers upon layers upon layers disguise so deviously....

How sexually attractive are you? On a scale from 1 to 10, what digit would your libido’s barometer read? THAT magic number is decided by how naturally free and conveniently unencumbered you are. And, I am not talking about whether you are married, single or both. I’m referring to your state of mind.

Just how much junk is in that trunk? Whatever current ‘resistant’ state of mind you possess always reflects the amount of muscular tension {stiffness} in the body which inadvertently shouts: unavailable!

Bitterness, greed and sarcasm first register in the limbs before it spews out of the mouth. But worse yet, is the flashing red lighted sign of negative energy you put out that warns; Beware: foreboding, unapproachable and down right unappealing.

Resentment, envy and greed dull the luster of the eyes while regret, hidden agendas, and jealousy deform the smile. Gluttony destroys the shine in hair; ingratitude ruins the subtleness and softness of skin. In plain English:

You are uninvitingly unattractively Spiky. Ouch! {Hard to lay down with a body of thumb tacks.} Honestly, how FUN are you to be around? Could you stand to be with you long enough to engage in the sex act? [even a quickie] Or would you have to tape your mouth shut? If you were on the prowl, would you have any genuine sexual interest in you? Would it be worth your time and effort?

Since, undoubtedly, Sexuality holds the number one position as the highest form of spirituality available to mankind on the planet today; it certainly provides the controversial soil in which to grow all sorts of human dilemmas. One misconception from that ‘field of plenty’ is the idea that the WAY a person looks on the outside stimulates, creates, maintains, and fulfills the sexual appetite. Not true.

Sexual eroticism goes much deeper than 36-24-36 or 42 inch biceps. Spontaneity, flexibility, humor and receptivity add and reflect your true level of desirability. If these sexually vibrating and stimulating attributes are not present, you are a dud no matter what you look like.

Don’t be so vain. Vanity is a time consuming monster who robs your true joy! Incidentally, “all is vanity”, according to one writer, so really vanity does nothing more than age a person. Don’t look now, but you are aging faster than the time it takes to say ‘mofo’.

Of course, the aging body isn’t the only problem supposedly to contend with. {Gotta be more to the ‘tingle’ than the ‘wingle’} One needs a voluptuous sense of humor, voracious appetite, mildly functioning brain and energetic creative mind to help support a healthy viable sexual attitude which, in turn, fosters a positive sizzling active sex life.

First of all, you can not have a hidden agenda without it interfering with your performance. Sure, you can get lucky sometimes with your overall ‘hit and misses’ but for a richly fulfilling mind exploding ‘losing all consciousness’ kind of sexual thrill, you must be present and ready to receive. You may be saying, “Of course, I’d be present and ready.” Not necessarily.”

IF you’re carrying a whole bunch of head garbage, {Whether it be ‘leftover emotions’ from other relationships or current ‘unresolved emotional issues’, worries and concerns of the day, comparison issues, body-image problems or exaggerations, concentrating on 'what will come' from the sexual encounter instead of simply enjoying the experience, guilt because you think you are doing something wrong, dirty or immoral, trying too hard to achieve an orgasm/climax, thoughts of financial burdens or a trillion other matters that DO NOT BELONG in the bed with you} you are not going to meet the divine encounter of sexual bliss.

Utopia’s ecstasy will elude you once again!

It takes far more to experience an authentic sexual union than for two bodies to collide! You must come to terms with how you really feel about sex! Do you unquestionably truly unequivocally enjoy sex? Can you envision, taste, smell, touch, feel, absorb, (converge into the other) to such an extent that the boundaries of the two bodies dissolve?

Can you receive ultimate pleasure without flinching or crowing? Can you reciprocate without a need or desire to measure? Does your body writhe in humorous waves of grandeur celebrating the eclectically bounded jolts of cosmic sensually induced electricity? Do you engage the act of love’s finest expression without a hint of remorse, regret, restraint, or reprise?

Do you say “thank you” for the rapturous encounter whether you’ve engaged in it a hundred thousand times or for the first time? Do you acknowledge the sacred presence of an indescribable force of sensual energy so profound words fail to articulate it?

Are you more grateful to be alive for having been involved in the holy act of sex? Do you desire to share you immense delight in everything you do? Are you more creative, giving, loving, interested, involved and infectiously enthusiastic? Do you release the other after the sex act with no thought of bondage or indebtedness?

Do you continuously smile in reverence for the invisible force (partner) who elicits from you the ecstatic joy you experience? Can you genuinely say that you enjoy the sex act in the same way you would consume a powerfully delicious meal, soul-satisfying music, gratifyingly inspired art, spiritually uplifting drama, enticingly mind challenging rewarding reading, the heart rendering pleasurous sensation of meaningful conversation, and the gut-busting belly laughs that occur quite unexpectedly?

If you can, you are beginning to comprehend just how really sexually attractive you are. Attraction begins and ends with being vitally alive, present, interested, interesting, funny and entertaining. Gorgeous people bring with them an ineffable intangible sparkling element that stays on fire.

And, all those who come in contact with “SEXY” feel it. PEOPLE automatically gravitate toward this indistinguishable energy. Heart throbs carry an effervescing glow that floods the room. Sexually attractive people are enveloped with overwhelming founts of bubbling natural enthusiasm. They are easy, comfortable and inviting to be around. They normally don’t criticize, belittle or condemn.

It’s their natural ‘anything goes’ and convenient “let’s do it, now” attitude that makes them so damned beautiful all the time. They don’t possess “what’s in it for me” for they KNOW instinctively THEY are carrying their own contentment and bliss. Their paradisiacal nature draws like a magnet. They live to be. Sex is being! No struggle, strife, arguments, or dissention. No bribery, conditions, and/or expectations associated.

The sex act unites then, releases. They KNOW you can not own anyone or anything. It’s impossible. When you are free, (uninhibited) you are a sexual magnet! When you are encumbered (possessive/jealous), you are a BORE! And, guess what? Sex with you is boring.

Whatever weighs heavy on your mind, when you lay down to engage in sex, impedes the pleasure. Get out of your own way for the receiving of ultimate stupendous pleasure. With regards to your current sexual experiences, cease all agitated mind activity today. Stop causing yourself so many undue sex-related problems.

Lighten up! Laugh for no reason. Be like a feather on the wind. Go and do where and how it blows. Let up on the incessant worrying, striving and contending. Whatever has been, has been Let it be. {As John Lennon so aptly stated} Be where your feet are today. No plans. No procedures. No rituals of expectation. Do what comes natural and convenient for you. Nothing else. No matter what shows up. Say NO if it’s not suitable.

Anything else is false and adds to your unattractiveness. Be genuine. Be liberated and imaginative. Allow the sexual experiences you have experienced to flow through you like sensual water finding its natural shape and expression.

Water is the magnet of life!!! Draw to you what you WILL. Be seductively fluid in all your movements and actions. It feels sensationally orgasmically marvelous! It’s a real turn-on.


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      "Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind." We use it it many many diverse artistic ways. I'm certain you attract those women who are as artistically inclined as you. Passion is the ruling factor in all humans. Celebrate yours, always.

      Best to you...


    • catnip09 profile image


      9 years ago

      Where do I meet the women who follow this philosophy? wow- good stuff! It's getting hot in here.


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