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Jogging for Fun and Health

Updated on November 28, 2011

exercise for fun and halth

sports and fitness

Exercise is the best way to get in shape and fight obesity. As many might know, obesity is a major health problem in America. Obesity starts in childhood and might become a life long problem unless one learns to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. People think that exercise is a chore that is endured or that you have to work out long hours to see any results. This is certainly not true. One could achieve total fitness by working out 60 minutes per day at a moderate pace. Start the jogging exercise program by walking 5 or 10 minutes per day, every other day. Gradually increase the number of minutes to 60 minutes. This might take several weeks. Those who are already active should see faster results. Those who are inactive should notice results and a gradual improvement. Now, lets take a closer look at the workout.

Jogging Program Step One
Jogging is an exercise that burns a lot of calories in a very short amount of time. It is an excellent workout for anyone trying to lose weight. In fact, jogging is a great overall fitness exercise. Are you interested in starting a jogging program now? Check with your doctor first. Once you are able to walk at least 60 minutes without getting breathing heavily then you are ready to start a jogging program. Move on to step two.

Jogging Program Step Two
Start slowly. Start by stretching and doing a few warm up exercises before jogging. Map out a direction to jog. Start your usual walk in the normal way. Once you reach a stop light or crosswalk you are going to jog across the street to the opposite corner. Once you reach the opposite sidewalk you are going to walk again. Continue walking and then jogging across streets and walking on the sidewalks for sixty minutes. At the end of the workout cool down with a few bends and stretches.

Jogging Program Step Three
For the next few weeks you are going to continue the walking on the sidewalks and jogging across streets. Once you are able to easily accomplish that task try jogging for about twenty paces after you reach the sidewalk from the opposite side, then walk to corner. And so forth, until the sixty minutes are up.

Jogging Program Step Three
Now, it is up to you to gradually increase the number of jogging steps on the sidewalk, until you are in complete jogging mode for the entire sixty minutes. You should be comfortable jogging, your breathing should be easy. And you should not feel fatigued. Remember to start slowly and find a comfortable jogging pace. Remember you are not racing to a finish. Find a pace that keeps you going for the sixty minutes without fatigue. And incorporate a few warm ups and cool downs after each jogging session. Use a few bending and stretching exercises for several minutes to achieve this part of the workout.

Once you are able to jog fully for sixty minutes without fatigue watch for a general overall improvement in breathing, cardiovascular system, muscle tone, and general out look. Note: Now is the time to upgrade to a good pair of running shoes to make your workout even better and more effective.


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    • jbrock2041 profile image

      jbrock2041 6 years ago from Park City, UT

      Nice hub. I like how you broke it down into simple steps. I also like how you are encouraging people to start slowly. It's funny how different people's responses are when we use the word running versus the word jogging, so I'm glad in this beginner's guide you used the word jogging. Voted useful.