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Living with Arthritis?

Updated on March 21, 2013

What is Arthritis, in a layman's term?

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease which when strikes; can make us realize the importance of each and every limb that makes us move. In this disease the joints get inflamed and that puts pressure on the muscles surrounding it, which causes pain and stiffness to move around.

What do Experts say?

Experts say that if you continue to move your affected joints eventually, as the day passes; the stiffness and pain will decrease and as the sun sets; the body kind of starts to co-operate with you and one does not have to think before moving, "is this move going to hurt me?"

The Downturn of an Arthritis patient as the Sun Sets?

But, the tragedy of the whole scenario is that the sun has set and eventually we will have to get into bed for a new day.

Alas, the next morning the whole saga starts. Stiffness and pain!

An Arthritis patient loves to wish Good Evening, wonder why?

A person who has been struck with Arthritis learns to say, "GOOD EVENING" in a pleasant manner rather than, "GOOD MORNING". Each morning of this patient is full of stiffness and pain and how can it be a GOOD morning then!

Living with Arthritis is a challenge 'cause if not treated well; could cause disability. The cartilage of the joints if stay swollen for long can erode thus, causing the joint-to-joint friction to hurt even more and eventually could lead to a joint replacement.

After effects of Joint Replacement?

With advancement of science and technology sure, joint replacement is becoming easier to perform by a doctor and many options are being given to the patient of what kind of ball bearing to put into their body for the joint to move smoothly. Alas, the after effects of man getting the joint replacement are usually not comfortable and he/she has been complaining of some other side effects.

As experts usually quote that the presence of any foreign substance in our body can definitely cause a concern by the body and can show discomfort or concern. Various joint replacement patients have seen the same.

Some pointers to ponder upon?

Experts also say that replacement is better with age and if the patient is young he/she has better chances to recover but, since the joint can last only for 10 years if, a young patient does get replacement how, many years will she/he survive before going in for another surgery?

Sure, life will be much better than without a particular joint replacement but, at times; the side effects can be so overwhelming as well.

As truly said; that Health is Wealth. We have to look after ourselves and be careful NOT to absorb STRESS in our lives since, that can do "wonderful" effects to our health which can be noticed after a couple of years.

The rise in autoimmune diseases is a BIG example of the stress level in our lives. We have let stress come and sit around us which eventually engulfs us and we see our body react to various diseases which are prevail ant in abundance around us, such as Arthritis, various forms of Cancer etc.

Below hub talks about how we can prevent our body from reacting within ourselves by following a simple formula!


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