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Lose weight fast, get motivated: Story of Arthur Boorman Transformation

Updated on June 11, 2012

A friend just shared this video on Facebook. It moved me so much that I thought of making a hub about it. Thought it might motivate a lot of people out there, just like me. And if you think this might help your dear ones, please do not forget to share.

arthur boorman: background story

arthur boorman, the name was not very familiar to me till today. Till the moment I saw this video. Now I think I will never forget his name.But many of you probably already have known him by now from his extremely inspirational arthur boorman transformation video.

arthur boorman was a paratrooper. As the job demanded, he was involved in too many jumps and fall. It was good when he was quite young, but the risky profession did seal the effects on him. He got injured a lot of times, mainly at his back and knees. At one time he became totally disabled. He visited a lot of doctors for his condition. But everybody had to repeat the same thing: All through your life, you will need assistance for walking.

He remained as a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years.

He gained a lot of weight too over the time. Wouldn't you?

arthur boorman: transformation

He was in his late forties' and weighed about 290 pounds. When he thought it was time to lose weight fast, he didn't get any positive feedback from any of the fitness trainers due to his disability. Everybody turned him down, except for Diamond Dallas Page.

diamond dallas page.....

It was very hard for him to think about traditional yoga options. Then one day he found out about the diamond dallas page doing yoga, and he asked for help. He kept emailing diamond dallas page yoga asking them how to lose weight fast in his condition.

His story moved Dallas very much. He replied arthur boorman's emails and talked to him over phone. When everybody else gave up on arthur boorman, diamond dallas page was the only one Arthur could rely on. Not only he trained arthur boorman physically, also kept him inspiring each and every day......telling him everything is possible. arthur boorman did not give up. He had a lot of difficulties, but he kept going on.

arthur boorman tranformation: How he is today?

arthur boorman's hard work did not fail. He lost a hundred pounds within 6 months. Till today, he lost a total of 140 pounds!!!

But above all, proving everyone wrong, he is able to not only walk......but also run on his own legs, without assistance!

Never ever give up

Everyday I wake up in the morning and think, how to lose weight fast.....and this man, even being handicapped, did it in less than a year! So many of us get frustrated so easily, so many of us have already given up and is just getting used of it.........and Arthur showed losing weight fast is not a very big deal if you really want to do so.

He just taught me never to underestimate my true potential. To never ever, EVER EVER, give up.

This Arthur Boorman transformation video moved me to my core

If you want to know about diamond dallas page, feel free to click here.

Did you find the video inspirational?

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