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How to Determine Your Metabolic Type

Updated on August 9, 2011

Metabolic type determines how your body deal with food to produce energy, eating the right food for your metabolic type maintains your health and keeps your weight in the ideal range. Today you will be able to determine your type of metabolism, without even leaving this hub (article).

It is based on research of hundreds of hundreds of clinical observations by practitioners working with more than 60,000 people over the past 20 years.

How is Metabolic Type Created

Heredity defines human metabolic type. Difference in these 2 factors determines the type of metabolism:

1- Type of involuntary nervous system dominance:
Involuntary (Autonomic) nervous system is made up of 2 subdivisions; Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems.
* Sympathetic division is catabolic (breaking down) and burns energy. It is for fight or flight
* Parasympathetic division is anabolic (building) and conserves energy

2- Rate of Conversion of Food into Energy:
It is the rate of cellular oxidation. When this rate is fast people need to eat slowly burning foods like fat and protein. People with a slow rate of oxidation need to eat carbohydrates mainly.

Benefits of Eating Your Metabolic Type Food

- You will always have a normal weight
- You can either gain weight or lose weight to get your optimal weight
- Get rid of some habits acquired by wrong foods like napping, food cravings and addiction
- Get rid of some symptoms of eating wrong food like, mood swings, low energy levels, quitting diet
- You will guard against chronic diseases and slow down the aging process

Do You Eat Right or Wrong for Your Metabolism

To know if your current dietary habits are right or wrong for your metabolic type, answer these questions:
- Do you see some people have great results with low calorie diet while you do not
- Do you suffer from intense hunger frequently
- Do you have sugar cravings
- Does eating make you satisfied
- Do you quit diet because of hunger or cravings
- Do you feel mood swings, anxiety or depression
- Do you feel fatigue or low energy levels sometimes
- Is your weight inclined to be abnormal (overweight or underweight)

If your answer is yes for more than 1 question, chances are you are not eating the right way for your metabolic type. Just find out what is the type of food your metabolism likes. We all are not the same, we differ in many things including metabolism.

How to Know Your Metabolic Type

Look at the following table and determine your metabolic type, it may take you a few days of observation. Compare how many A, B and Cs you have marked down from the questions given in the metabolic test.

- If you have more As than Bs or Cs, you are a slow oxidizer ( Carb Metabolic Type)

- If you have more Bs than As or Cs or if you have an equal number of As, Bs and Cs you are a balanced oxidizer (Mixed Metabolic Type)

- If you have more Cs than As or Bs, you are a fast oxidizer (Protein Metabolic Type)

How many times you eat during the day ?
2 or 3 meals
3 meals with one light snack
3 meals with constant snacking
Your appetite at lunch and dinner
What kind of food you eat for breakfast
Skip breakfast
Eat something like fruit, toast or cereal
Eat a heavy breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon and hash browns
Recognize the foods you choose to eat at a buffet Read more
Light meats like fish and chicken, veggies, salad, and desserts
Combine both
Heavy, fatty foods like steak, pork chops, cheese and cream sauces
Consider your attitude towards food
Tend to forget to eat
Enjoy food and almost never forget to eat
Food is the center of your life
Consider the amount of food consumed (portions)
Large or more than most people
What causes you to gain weight
Fatty foods
No particular type of food, only overeating causes weight gain
Fruits, breads or sweets
your body is more prone to constipation or diarrhea
No stomach problems


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