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My Review On Using the MOTOACTV Fitness Mp3 player Sports Watch

Updated on January 20, 2017

GPS Tracker - – This is useable by all; from your treadmill gym rat, to your up and coming next hardcore triathlon athlete. The settings allow you to set time and distance indoors and outdoors and use the results to better your performance. A fun thing to try in the gym is to use the calories selection and set it to 1000 calories. Then stay on the treadmill till you burn 1k calories. Afterwards use this workout to remind yourself how hard it was to burn the 1k calories and how easy it is to get 600 – 1200 calories in 1 fast food combo.

Mp3 Player - I got the watch with 8 gigabytes as I believe this plenty of enough after everything is installed and some updates online there are still lots of room for your music. There is also a 16gb version out now for purchase. I really like this feature as it allows me now to have my heart rate monitor and mp3 player in one. I now always have my music and my heart rate monitor while training.


Creates an optimized performance playlist – I personally have not fully utilized this aspect of the watch. I like my music to be random, however there is nothing worse than struggling on your last set of squats or bench press and Adele’s "someone like you" song comes on. So as a fitness freak I understand the need. But then again I have not fully utilized it as of yet.

Measures heart Rate – Please note that your watch will not read your heart rate unless you also have a digital heart rate chest strap on you as well. The sports bundle I bought does not come with strap. Actually I don’t if think any of the bundles do. Note earlier how I said digital heart rate chest strap. Do not be confused with trying to use an analog chest strap.

Daily step and Calories burned – When you set up your watch for the first time as usual you enter your weight and height then while wearing your chest strap it gives you a pretty accurate readout of your calories burned. Without the strap on I have doubts about. The number still changes but without knowing heart rate or exercises being performed, how can it give a read out? Daily step just uses a simple pedometer.

My Motorola Motoactv
My Motorola Motoactv | Source

Bluetooth wireless - Not much else to write about on this as it’s used to connect to other devices. I would highly recommend however purchasing the blue tooth Headphones to use with your MOTOACTV. This keeps you wireless while working out and makes sure wires are not getting in your way.

FM stereo music – I really enjoy this feature and have to say it is one of my favorites. Not only do I listen to the fm radio with it such as my sports updates when I don’t feel like listening to my music. An added bonus is many gyms have T.V’s for you to watch while you workout. Most also have them setup to an fm channel. So now you can hear and watch while on the treadmills. Good little thing I stumbled on by accident for myself.

Touch screen - A neat feature much like all the other touch screen computers and devices out there. What is particularly nice is the added durability and scratch resistance coating with it. It is nice to be able to change the settings on what you see when you get bored with the layout. I personally like the ice blue layout.


Good in my opinion - The thing that most stands out to me are the music and heart rate monitor mixed together with GPS in one. Best of all the company has reduced the prices by nearly $100. This makes it even better. Secondly I think it looks cool and has features and devices I can buy to add on to it such as the wireless earphones. You can also go with the arm strap, belt clip, or keep it as being worn on your wrist. I wear my depending on what exercises on doing that day.

Not so good in my opinion – I feel the MOTOACTV is too wide, too tall, or just too big. I feel like I’m wearing a black monolith on my wrist some days. It also can get in the way of some exercises where you need any wrist bending. This I think is something people with small wrists would not want to wear, however the belt clip will correct this. Lastly the thing I don’t like is my battery life. It has lots of options and is a powerful piece of electronic, but it seems to drain too quickly. Yes there are ways to help it survive longer, however compared to other just heart rate monitors or smart phones it drains too fast.

Conclusion - It is a great piece of electronic to have especially if you don’t have or need a new heart rate monitor or mp3 player. Then why not get an all in one. Its upload feature to record your fitness achievements and the ability to help you achieve your health goals if you use it is remarkable. Even better now that the company is selling it for less!

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Motoactv Fitness Sports Watch


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