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Nasal congestion, blockage : Treatment & relief remedy

Updated on March 17, 2011

Nasal blockage i.e. blocked nose or stuffy nose is a common problem during winters, due to common cold,allergens etc.

There is a decrease in nasal cavity diameter and sometimes due to accumulation of phlegm and mucus in the passage.

The decrease in diameter arises either due to swelling of the nasal walls by inflammation or heavy blood flow to the nasal wall due to allergy or due to abnormal tissue growth or damage.

Symptoms of nasal blockage or congestion include:

Improper aeration or breath by nose.

congested and hindrance feeling in the nose,

At-Times profuse secretion from nose.

children try to breath by mouth and even adults during sleep.

Trying to use the finger to clear the cavity.

Nasal blockage remedies and treatment

Use of local nasal decongestant drugs: These are mostly alpha agonists, which produce blood vessels constriction in sinus walls and there by decrease the swelling and heavy blood flow of sinus wall. This gives immense relief from congestion as the normal nasal diameter is restored. But these drugs are not recommended for regular use on long periods. They have unwanted side effects like muco-ciliary dysfunction, profuse nasal secretion, palpitations etc. So their use in children and elderly requires caution.

Anti-inflammatory drugs: Inflammation of nasal cavity is the primary cause of nasal blockage during cold and fevers. To decrease inflammation use steroidal drugs as per the advise of your physician.

Anti-allergy drugs: If the congestion is due to pollen, dust or other allergens, anti-histamine drugs are effective.

Herbal nasal decongestants. Herbal ointments made of menthol, eucalyptus, azoan, ginger etc can relive congestion on inhalation. An alternative method is to inhale steam fumed with these herbal vapors. For this add ointment into water steam bath in a kettle and inhale the vapors under a blanket covered over you.

You can also have tea made of ginger to clear nose and throat congestion.

Drops of salt water when applied in the nasal cavity also relives nasal blockage.

Simple Surgical operation:If there is abnormal tissue growth in sinus, nasal deformity or fracture due to injury, growths such as polyps, tumors it is to be removed by surgery. But the limitation we hear is that the tissue regrows and creates problem again.

Homeopathic remedy: If you are a chronic or long term suffer from stuffy nose, you might consult a homeopath for suitable homeo remedy. Have an idea of the causes of your congestion, its aggravation etc. which can help him decide suitable drug for your symptoms.

Precautions other than direct remedies

Keep your foot warm: Try to keep your feet warm during bed by wearing socks, etc blankets. Try using socks and shoe during your walks and day work. This will be a tremendous remedy for nasal congestion.

Avoid allergens: Avoid allergenic foods like curd, buttermilk, cheese, brinjal,potatoes etc. check yourself for foods which you are allergic and then abstain from them.

Be in dust free humid air: Dusty air aggravates allergy of nasal mucus membranes. So avoid breathing dusty air. High humidity in air decreases nasal allergy.

Drink warm fluids: Drinking hot fluids like milk, coffee, tea gives pleasant felling and also relief from congestion. Drink more water to enhance hydration of nasal cavity and reduce allergy.


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