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10 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress without Medication

Updated on September 10, 2012

There are so many natural ways to relive stress without taking any medicines. We are going to cover some basic ways,natural ways and 60 seconds stress buster in this article.

The word stress comes from the Latin word strict: means narrow or tight. Stress is the discomfort or distress caused by forces that limit our freedom or movement. Whenever we are in an emergency,tense or in panic situation, we feel stress. Stress is a normal part of our life and usually comes from everyday occurrences like a angry boss, fight with spouse, dealing difficult children, daily bad commute, large bill to pay,pollution etc. We should face the stress as a challenge not as an illness in order to deal the situation better in daily life.

Here are some basic ways to relieve stress:

  • Cry if you feel like it. It may reduce stress.
  • Exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet.
  • If crowd bother you go to the supermarket where line won`t be long. Try renting movie or watch on Netflix rather than going to crowded movie theater.
  • Clear up the clutter in your house by donating or throwing away the things you did not use In past one year. A garage sale is the effective way to clean your clutter.
  • Plan ahead for the morning crunch. Set the breakfast table and make bag lunches the night before.
  • Avoid non prescribed mood altering drugs including alcohol which is a depressant.

Here are 10 natural ways to relieve stress:

1. Stress can cause tense muscles, shoulder, stiffness and tension headache etc. Do 15 minutes self massage everyday even you are not feeling stressed, it will give you tremendous health benefit. This way you can stop the stiffness before they become tense and acute.

2. Get enough sleep. As we know most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Go to bed at the same time and wake at the same time every morning even on weekends if possible. This way you won`t tamper with your body`s rhythms.

3. Napping is very simple and effective way to reduce stress. It will refresh you and help you stay alert during the rest of the day. Sleeping is not necessary for a good nap. Simply lying down and resting can just as effective and easier if you work on a busy schedule. A good nap need only be 15-20 minutes long. Make sure to keep your nap under an hour. Longer nap will leave you groggy.

4. An aromatherapy is the best way to reduce stress at the end of the day and ease the transition between work and home. Soak lavender oil on a tissue or napkin and keep it on your dashboard and let it heat up in the sun. The heat from the sun diffuses the fragrance and help you relax and stress free on your long commute. Burn aromatherapy candles which are created with essential oils and designed to make you feel relax and ease your home. You can use the essential oils like citrus oil,floral oils, peppermint, rosemary and tea tree oil in aromatherapy massage. Add these oil in any traditional massage oil like almond, sesame, olive oils to enhance the benefits of aromatherapy, relieve stress and improve circulation.

5. What is soothing to the senses, will sooth your nerves as well. Enjoying beautiful nature and sounds around you, is an easy way to calm you. Take a walk in the park, that will let you look the beauty of the park and listen the surroundings instead of thinking and stressing out. Go for a hiking that will release the toxins from your body and you will get natural vitamin D.

6.Having good friends is very important and will keep you healthier, stress free and happier. Some studies shows that people with close friends have a greater ability to fight disease than people with no friends. Make friendship a priority. Find a time to be with your friends even if it means letting your lawn unmowed or the dishes unwashed for awhile. When you cannot get together use your phone, text or social networking sites like face book, twitter etc.

7. Finding a laugh and humor in difficult situation has always helped people to reduce stress. The laughter actually reduces the level of hormone: epinephrine, a chemical which is associated with stress in our body. Earlier studies showed that laughter interrupt brain waves signal and reduce pain perception. Take five minutes of your daily routine and learn how to laugh even at yourself gives you a boost to fight and cope with stress.

8. To release your stress, write out your thoughts at the end of the day. Writing a journal is an excellent way to relax and may help you to examine the things that have been bothering you.

9. Try doing volunteer work. Nothing will take your mind off of your stress and give you a greater sense of accomplishment than volunteering your time and energy for a good cause.

10. Most of the time the we stress out because we do not know how to adjust the change in our lives.Any one who feels their life has been turns upside down by a major life style change like new carrier, new project, new baby new house or neighborhood can try daily doses of flower remedy walnut. You can find flower remedies essence in some health food stores or order online.It is sold in highly concentrated form, take it with one fourth glass of water, in the morning, before meals and at bedtimes.

Try these Sixty Second Stress buster Tips:

  • Close your eyes and make yourself feel a wave of relaxation that starts at your head and goes down to your toes.
  • Munch on a rice cake, piece of fruit or other snack in small bites and take it in every ten seconds.
  • Close your eyes and visualize your greatest achievement.
  • See if you can point your finger or a pencil at something for sixty seconds without shaking.
  • Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. As you do this, visualize the air coming in and going out.
  • Suck on a hard candy and think only of its flavor.
  • Pick an age between 5 and 25. Try to remember where you lived at that age and who your friends were.
  • Make a paper airplane and sail it across the room.
  • Give your pet a sixty second scratch. This will lower your blood pressure too.
  • Listen to the sound of something nearby, the air conditioner, traffic or any sound. Close your eyes and try to turn in to a soothing sound.


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