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22 Chemical Free House Cleaning Tips

Updated on January 13, 2014

A clean, fresh and chemical free house contributes to your family`s health and happiness. Unfortunately many of our common house hold products are highly toxic and cause of many illnesses in today`s dangerous world we are living in. Although, It seems impossible to keep your house healthy and clean without using toxic chemical products, natural products are not that bad to work with. Some examples of natural products are salt, borax powder, baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice in our kitchen.Try these and you will be amazed to see the results of these natural Eco friendly cleaning products.

Here are 22 Chemical Free House Cleaning Tips:

1. Avoid using commercial oven cleaners, even they claim to be safe they contain aerosol propellants and chemicals that can burn eyes and skin and can damage lungs. place a cookie sheet or aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven to catch spills. If a spill does occur, sprinkle it with a mixture of equal parts of salt and baking soda while the oven is still warm. Then remove with steel wool or an abrasive sponge.

2. To clean toilet bowl, use equal parts baking soda and borax around bowl, add white vinegar and clean with toilet brush. For some stubborn stain, leave mixture in overnight in toilet bowl and clean with the brush in the morning.

3. If your drain is clogged with hair or grease then pour mixture of an equal parts of vinegar, baking soda and salt. If, they do not work then simply pour one liter of soda in drain. Let it set for 15-20 minutes, pour boiling water and use a plunger. This should work.

4. To remove mildew from bathtub, tile or shower curtain, wipe affected areas with mixture of vinegar, borax and water. Also you can try squeezing half a fresh lemon in borax powder and rubbing it over mildewed area.

5. Add 1tsp. of lemon juice in half cup olive or vegetable oil. Mix well. Now use this mixture to polish your furniture with clean soft cloth.

6. Clean interior walls with baking soda once a week to keep your refrigerator clean. If your refrigerator has a pan underneath, clean it regularly and sprinkle some baking soda inside.

7. To remove refrigerator odors, an open box of soda will do the trick. Or you can try soaking a cotton ball in vanilla extract and putting it on a saucer in your refrigerator. Replace the cotton ball every other days.

8. To remove tough stains from counter tops, wood work or tiles, mix half cup washing soda and 7cups of warm water together.

9. To remove tarnish and greasy film from cookware combine half cup cream of tartar, half cup baking soda, half cup white vinegar and half soap flake in a bowl and transfer to a bottle. Apply with a steel wool pad then rinse off.

10. Use white vinegar, baking soda or borax to whiten and brighten your laundry. For very dirty laundry soak in a solution of one tablespoon borax in one gallon water for an hour then wash as usual.

11. Apply a mixture of equal parts vinegar and linseed oil with a soft cloth to clean and restore your leather furniture.

12. Instead of using rug shampoos, sprinkle dry cornstarch or baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. These powders help remove deep dirt and baking soda also removes odors.

13. Simply cut the lemon in four pieces and boil in water about five minutes. Keep this water overnight and spray all over your pets especially behind the ears, around the head, the base of the tail and the armpits to get rid of the fleas.

14. Empty trash cans as frequently as possible. To keep them germ free and clean smelling, sprinkle some borax or baking soda in the bottom of each can.

15. Avoid using solid air fresheners which also emit a chemical suspected of causing cancer. Instead use spray made by mixing four teaspoons of baking soda in a quart of water.

16. To clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces mix white vinegar in water. Wash the surface using a soft cloth then wipe it dry with crumpled newspapers for a sparkling shine and no streaking.

17. There are some common houseplants like Philodendron, Dracaena and Fern which can reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in the air.

18. Do not allow smoking in your home. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 substances including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and many other toxin.

19. Do not use a charcoal or propane grill indoors or in an enclosed area, this can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

20. Do not burn wrapping paper magazines or other colored or glossy paper in a fireplace or wooden stove. These papers may be printed or manufactured with potentially harmful chemicals that are released in the heat of fire.

21. If a family member has asthma or another respiratory disease, consider installing central vacuum system to cut down on dust in the air after vacuuming.

22. Clean drapes and curtains which harbor dust and other bacteria on a regular basis. it is best to avoid dry cleaning since the solvents used can release harmful fumes. If possible wash curtains in cold water instead. If you do dry clean them then air them out preferably outdoors for at least six hours.

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