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Obesity USA

Updated on September 29, 2010
Eat healthy!
Eat healthy!

What is the most common cause of obesity?

The most common causes of obesity are poor diet (to much junk food) bad eating habits, the typical western diet and the lack of enough exercise to burn off those excess calories.

Those excess calories, as you now know, that are not used for energy are stored as fat provide food for times when there isn’t any food available in the times of our early ancestors. However, in our day and age, we don’t have to worry about the next meal ...because most Americans don’t wait very long between meals. Most eat a meal about every four hours ...and that's not counting the quick snacks we reward ourselves with ever time we pass the refrigerator or stop at one of the many “sugar shacks” at every cross roads USA.

Gain and lose ....

Even with all the diet plans, diet systems and fitness crazes in recent years, we are all still fatter even through 25-50% of the people in the country are on a diet at any given time ...and those that do lose weight on a diet plan often gain the weight back within a year or two. What’s up with that?

The experts say that obesity puts undue stress on the back, legs and the internal organs. Obesity also increases the body’s resistance to insulin and susceptibility to infection and disease.

Obese people suffer psychologically as well as physically because...

...of society and peer pressure. Peer pressure can sometimes become very ugly ...especially during the young adult teenage years. We all know that peer pressure is a natural part of growing up. However, when it has to do with an over weight condition or obesity , the peer pressure may affect young adults with low self esteem and confidence even more. Most of the time they are ridiculed and made fun of which causes even further low self-esteem, low confidence and the use of more food as a comfort level. The cycle then repeats over and over result equals more weight gain.

It doesn’t have to be that way ...with some knowledge and education about obesity, the health risk to your body and to your personal physic; and a lot of hard work ...this run away problem can be solved.

Most important is to stay away from...

...sugar if you’re really serious about this. Stay away from the simple carbohydrates more complex carbohydrates as they offer more health benefits. Eat mostly fish and poultry (skinless). Try and eat plenty of fresh fruits and as much raw vegetables as you can. Try to stay away from fried and greasy foods. Stay away from fat food and the sugar shacks. Avoid all pop, soda and alcohol. Watch your saturated fat and try to get your fat from food such as olive oil, nuts and seeds when possible and cut the calories.

If you need to have a snack between meals ...try to make good choices such as carrot sticks, celery or low fat yogurt.

Add some extra fiber to your diet ...more about fiber in another builds bulk and gives the feeling of fullness plus it increases transit time. You want to make sure that you move your bowels everyday ...keeping the colon clean is important in any weight management program.

Don’t forget about activity ...taking a walk will help burn off the fat. Exercise increases the metabolic rate and helps burn off those extra calories.

It’s best to get regular exercise such as walking, running, bicycling and/or swimming.

Remember, there are 3500 calories in a pound.

Try reducing your calorie intake and read the labels (calories are listed) of everything you another way to shed some weight and fight the battle of obesity.

Water is extremely important for losing weight. That is why we always recommend drinking plenty of clean fresh, filtered water with 2-4 ounces of the "best tasting aloe" everyday ...what’s more...know your suppliers.

What are your feeling about obesity in USA?

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