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Stabilized Organic Aloe Vera

Updated on February 25, 2009

Wounds and healing with Aloe Vera

Everyone now knows, if they've been keeping up with my hubs, that stabilized organic Aloe Vera is bactericidal to a number of species of bacteria, including the common strep and staph infections. And who can deny its use on every type of burn that can be imagined. You also know it's virucidal on the different number of the Herpes family, including the strain of Herpes simplex and Herpes zoster. And now the whole world is finally educating themselves on the fungicidal effect against the common yeast infection, trichomonas and Candida albicans.

More on the Miracle Plant...

We learn more and more about this plant that many have nicknamed, “The Miracle Plant”, because of the breakthrough in scientific awareness …along with the word of mouth reporting as a viable broad-spectrum healer. Nowadays researchers are hot on the path to test, test and experiment; and report their scientific findings to paper. Most of these studies are dramatic and have led to the new discoveries of this remarkable plant, both topical and internal.

Your first message to your brain from a wound is pain!

In the course of living, or should I say, growing from childhood to being a mature adult, I'm sure everyone, at one time or another, has experienced some kind of scrape, cut or burn along the way. Everyone has experienced a wound of some kind …whether it was by accident or intentional, whatever the trauma, the first response other than pain. Is the inflammation which occurs (the bodies way of healing), that includes swelling, heat, redness, bleeding and of course, don't forget the pain!

Why does your body send healer helpers?

When this trauma happens, your body responds by sending out what I have come to call its "healer helpers". These "healer helpers" are better know as leukocytes, phagocytes and you know why I just call them "healer helpers".

What message comes next for the healing process to begin?

Now, for these wounds to heal …basically, all wounds go through three stages of the healing process: the acute stage, the chronic stage and the repair stage.

  • The acute stage ...traumatic anesthesia when the wound needs immediate help.
  • The chronic stage ...when the wound goes through the normal healing process.
  • The repair stage ...when the healing and rebuilding take place.

As you think about this process of healing. Wouldn't you think that the best healent would be the one that aids the healing process at every stage? Sure it would, that's elementary.

Does your body know to heal itself?

Now back to these "healing helpers." Your body has this tremendous wisdom to heal itself. Your body knows exactly which "healer helper" to call on to set up the healing process. However, for simplification, you need to know that there are helpful as well as harmful "healer helpers" in your system …or for better words, stable and unstable "healer helpers." And it just makes sense for your body to produce the right balance ...more stable "healer helpers". Right?

What is thromboxane?

Because here's the deal, if to many unstable "healer helpers" are produced, the system over produces an element called thromboxane. Thromboxane, prompts healing to take place to fast, increasing the formation of scab and scar tissue. This is a catch 22, it's a balancing act, and too much thromboxane can cause unnecessary pussing and fluid generation. So, this balancing act has to be just right. Can you see stabilized organic Aloe Vera sneaking into the picture?

You can now see, the more server the wound, the more delicate the balancing act needs to be in calling up the "healer helpers" in the healing of the body.

You will sometimes need help to aid in the healing process!

Sometime, the body needs in addition, certain healing agents to be introduced to the body for it to heal properly. However, as the test and reports have shown in the past, that some of these healing agents offered, that reduce pain and inflammation, early in the healing process may actually impair or mess up the wounds healing during the course of the repair. Not good!

Some of the agents, better known to you, as aspirin, indomethacin, ibuprofen and cortisone are better left out of the healing process. In the case of cortisone, if it is introduced after 48 hours of the wound, it shows absolutely no positive anti-inflammatory effect and actually retards the healing process. Do you ever wonder why they even use it at all? Hmmmm!

Are there alternative remedies to aid in the healing process?

As alternates to these pharmaceutical agents, many naturalists propose vitamin A and vitamin E for their known tissue building ability. Here, stabilized organic Aloe Vera inters the picture again because of the vitamin A and vitamin E in the synergistic composition of stabilized organic Aloe Vera.

Food for thought …I point you to this large test group…

In a fourteen-day test period …wound healing was monitored at intervals of the three stages of healing (mentioned earlier) all the way up to and including the fourteenth day. Elements tested were, stabilized organic Aloe Vera, Mupirocin ointment, Clindamycin Phosphate and Silver Sulfadiazine.

During the first three days...stabilized organic Aloe Vera showed the greatest healing rate. At the end of the fourteen-day period …again, the stabilized organic Aloe Vera group showed the greatest rate of healing over the entire group.

Again Stabilized Organic Aloe Vera out shines its competetors.

Can you now see why I talk about stabilized organic Aloe Vera so much? In all cases, in every case, in normal circumstances, the stabilized organic Aloe Vera... out shines all the other advertised therapies in the marketplace, hands down!!

With that said, drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of the "best tasting Aloe Vera" everyday.

As always, know your supplier.

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    • chaser4 profile image

      chaser4 9 years ago

      Hello gjcody. Another hub packed full of information about this aloe plant.

      Amazing stuff. I was talking to a lady today and she said she even gives it to her dog and cat.....makes them stay young and healthy, she said.

      I sent her to the hubs and told to read some of them....said she would.

      As always, keep them's helping lots of people.