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Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer Accurate Step Technology and Software

Updated on June 30, 2010


Pedometers are gadgets that count your steps and tell you how any calories that you burn during a specified time and distance. Many pedometers are very inexpensive so they are purchased by many people with the hope that they will be acurate and will assist in exercising ones way to weight loss. Accuracy is the issue and it is a very important issue to people that depend on their pedometer. Every step counts but they do not want steps counted that they did not take.


The Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer is different than many of the others. Technology is integrated in the HJ-7201TC Pocket Pedometer that allows it to be worn or carried. Whether in your pocket, purse or bag its dual technology lets it sense when you are walking. Only the steps you take are counted – bouncing or other random movements do not cause false steps to be counted. It can also be connected to your computer via the included Omron Health Management PC Software.


The HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer tracks your steps two different ways. If you take 60 steps within one minute for at least 10 minutes straight they are recognized as aeorbic steps. All other steps are counted as ordinary steps.

The common thought is that 10,000 steps taken everyday is helpful to lose weight.  There is a lot of difference between walking a mile as quickly as you can and walking down the aisle at the grocery store. I like that this pedometer seperates your steps then adds them together to give you the total number of steps taken.

compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7

Information such as number of steps, calories burned and the time of day is easy to read in real time on the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer. Seven days of data is available on the pedometer but each individual day's totals are reset at midnight. No need to worry though – a 42 day memory is built in and can be uploaded to software on your PC.

PC software is included with the purchase of the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer. The Omron Health Management Software allows you to upload your data and then displays your steps in graph form. Your progress can be tracked and your workout can be adjusted for the best results. The aerobic steps are color coded differently than the ordinary steps. This is a great way to track the intensity of your workout. This software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7.

If you want to track your blood pressure in this same software look at the Omron HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor.



The battery life on the Omron HJ-20ITC Pocket Pedometer should last up to six months assuming that you walk 10,000 steps per day. The CR2032 lithium battery is owner replaceable.


I like the Omron HJ-20ITC Pocket Pedometer because it is easy to use, it has the technology to give you accurate data and it is compact enough to carry with you throughout your day. Calories are burned throughout the day – not just during exercise. Knowing the total calories you burn is a great asset when trying to lose weight.


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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 7 years ago from USA

      I am very impressed. Hopefully I will be as dedicated as your son is. Thanks for sharing.

    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 7 years ago

      These are great little gadgets and my son who is blind has a talking pedometer, faithfully gets his 10000 steps in early while doing his treadmill and elliptical all the rest are bonus steps. He lost 130 pounds and has maintained his weight loss due to his persistence and dedication, the pedometer is a great tool. Goo hub.