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Our Incessant Need to Know MODE of Cosmic Therapy How To Deal with Mental Distracting Intrusion

Updated on November 10, 2013

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Inarticulate Search for Underlying Truth
Inarticulate Search for Underlying Truth | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: The Unconscious Desire to be Deceptively Entertained

We, humans, are gluttonous insatiable creatures, who desire more than anything else: knowledge. Except that we immediately stop breathing, the primary driving impetus in all of us is the need, desire and ‘risk everything in our lives’ craving to be informed.

We want to know! We need to be ‘on top of it’. We don’t want to be left out in the dark, cold or on the corner while the other fellow passes us by. No other fate, do we feel, would hurt as much as ‘being the last one to know!”

The hideous unpalatable idea of being deceived does not ‘sit good’ with any of us. Whether the deception comes from a marital partner, romantic lover, family member, close friend, business associate, and/or intermediary affiliate in one of the many working accommodations we have to interact with each and every day, we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

But, the gross facts are, credibility does not come automatically stamped upon another person’s heart and mind.

We have been, shall be and will continue to be deceived numerous times. Why? Because if the real truth be known, it’s all part of the insidious game of life; whereby we learn quite assuredly from our basic reactions, consequential interactions and sonorous contractions.

We will inevitably learn, but not without a lot of ‘kicking and screaming’ that we are not the victim to a horrendous scheme but a voluntary participant in the diagram of dishonesty.

“Oh! No.” I hear you defensively reply. “I was, am not, nor shall I ever be part of any activity that is not completely honest and above board.” Let us get right to the point: beguilement, confusion and a clear ‘lust of result’ demands dishonesty. In other words, we want something from the very beginning of any involvement, arrangement, attraction, transaction and/or relationship.

And, should that desire be thwarted in way, shape fashion or form, we immediately set about to blame the other for fooling us, doing us wrong, taking advantage and leaving us to hold the bag.

Isn’t that so appropriately acceptable to condemn the other for his/her actions while we politely, inconspicuously, ‘naturally and conveniently’ dismiss our own befuddled participation?

In other words, we want to blame someone or something for our refusal to accept the lot of callous refrain. Let us not forget, that somewhere along the line, we were a very willing participant to the plan, engagement, affair, contract and/or uncomely situation.

NO one is out to get us, do us in, take us down or betray our trust without us being in the same bi-lateral proposition. WE exchanged ‘something’ in hopes of ‘something’ in return.

In the end, we got ‘something’; whether that be knowledge, wisdom, experience and hopefully perceptive understanding of the human race, including us as the source of our own problematic dilemmas, the gift from the human 'frailty parody' horse was well woth his oats for supper.

Let me make myself a little more clearly perceived: if we are involved (our part) in a romantic involvement whereby we are clinging, jealous and insecure, then the mate’s part to play is the one of being boldly confidently disinterestedly disconnected.

And, if my part of the relationship is to ‘chase’ the partner, his/her part is to run. Ring a bell? Our transactions are the direct reflection of what is needed for our precious ruthless soul to experience earth life in every capacity of emotional intrigue. Fortunately or unfortunately, it's called balance.

WE must and do have a quantum physics’ balance in every action, whether we are able to recognize and appreciate the electrically charged esoteric value at the time.

Now, let us not hide in obscurity; all along we have clues, indications, signs, symbols, omens, flickers of doubt, but because we are so grievously greedy and ‘give me instantaneous pleasure’ (or at least the promising idea that I am going to have it someday) wantonness in our predilections, we shut down those [still small voices] of redemptive grace.

But, like anything else in the land of mechanical roses of insipid balancing beams, promises are made to be broken. Promise nothing, no time! Just place one foot in the front of the other and walk:”Be where your feet are”.

If we do or don’t do is inherently not our call. We may be dead in the next minute with the promised obligation unfilled. The point is: All things happen precisely and exactly as they are suppose to unfold with nothing to be added or taken away. It’s just how it is!

We continually engage in these priceless learning scenarios of searching for the truth in order to support, sustain and systematically surmise our human walk among the many elusive elements of our conditioned personal conflicted convictions.

We are working through the fallacies of our own creation in spite of our instance of being wronged by the cleverly disguised ploys we have set in motion.

Yes, we seek for truth. At all costs, in every approachable way and foreboding manner, but are unable to recognize it. IF we know beforehand what the outcome would, should or could be, the result is a little blurred and tained. The prerequisite is called being without inferred expectation condition or contrived outcome.

Have no preferences in our deals (be they romantic or business) with total unconditional acceptance of the precluded result.

The question of being deceived is impossible as is the prospect of be cheated, lied to and renounced. The unmistakable knowledge is readily available in every darting movement of the eyes, temperature of the hands, gait of the legs, and tone of the voice. No need to search beyond the present face: ours!

We are mirrored in and on every occasion. The result of inflammable wisdom is born in the seed of the first mantra word exchanged. “Hello.” No thing, person, place or thing is exempt. A resounding truth bears mocking witness to our need to stay behind the illusion of caring so much and being defined as such a decent person.

But, we KNOW the difference. We are the only ones who do. We know when we smile and don’t really want to or pretend as if we are listening while our minds have gone completely blank. WE know when slight agitation immediately enters our body when taking a call that has supposedly interrupted something of monumental importance.

Oh! Yes! We know.

We know the many times we say we’ll do something for another but somehow never get around to it. And, on and on and on…

Truth is a highly relative term dependent upon the motivation of the seeker, the apparatus of his/her deliriously pleasurable appetite and the relegated emotional delegation of his intent. Even then, the impenetrable truth would not be grasped but merely hinted at.

A suggestive distorted preferred view of it would be accepted, seized and demonstrated in order to validate and support the gluttonous aim.

So what are we to do with such impending nosiness, incalculable curiosity along with the imponderable desire to be ‘on top of things’? Give it a rest. Slow down. Ease up. Forget the race of acquisition and fear of being left out. Do only what we do because we love every second we are engaged in the process; no matter the outcome: good, bad or indifferent.

Unadulterated Impersonal Passion be our only chariot to ride!

We are unimpeachable curious warriors of grave descent and exalted ascent while we breathe the air of our imponderable inquisitive journeys; stalking the prey of our desired intellectual proclivities, spiritual dynasties, bodily travesties, mortal fallacies, and financial atrocities.

Spiraling onward, roundward, downward and upward! Drive imperceptibly sacredly sensually sexually artistically creatively aroused no matter the direction or destination.


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      "The point is: All things happen precisely and exactly as they are suppose to unfold with nothing to be added or taken away. It’s just how it is!" Indeed.. :-)

      I love that thought at the end.. complete abandon..and yet how many of us would dare? One in a million, perhaps. I may take you up on that challenge to live...

      I love the hub. Thank you.