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Sacred Unconscious Drives Determine Outcomes of Complicated Romantic Relationships

Updated on April 6, 2014

Esoteric Psychology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy

What's Underneath?
What's Underneath?

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Yearning for Reconnection With the Divine Source

Some may say that when we are/were involved in a certain complicated romantic relationship, our actions are/were totally unconscious. [Unable to control or defend them] And, to some extent, the ambiguous statement is true.

Without being able to understand or explain why the romance took/takes over our logical minds, we end up miserable, anxious, depressed; self-confidence shot to ‘wallow in pity’ blame-ville. {Some of our more obsessive, suspicious, jealous, irrational thoughts, border on being emotionally addictive, physically destructive and mentally abusive}.

Our friends and loved ones, and others who are just ‘busy –bodies’ with nothing better to do than meddle, constantly remind us how we are ‘throwing our lives away’ or something to that extent.

But, no matter how awful we feel when we stop to interpret, evaluate, and tabulate the meaning of the involvement, we come up empty handed. We have no reasonable idea why we are attracted to the partner we chose, choose or have chosen.

We can repeat over and over and over again ‘how much we love’ or ‘did love’ or ‘could/should love’, it simply doesn’t’ suffice. We want more definitive answers. The more probing superlative question, however, need be: why were we attracted/attract our specific mates on a soul level.

Though the question is quite complex, the simple ‘skinned down’ version would be: Because our soul’s intent is ruthlessly determined to evolve through vicarious experiences {including those that are completely and utterly ridiculous, heartbreakingly devastating, foolishly unimaginable, monetarily draining, emotionally debilitating, mentally exhausting, and psychically draining, physically aging, not to mention addictively sexually rebounding.}

In other words, we need the various circumstances, stressful situations, behaviorally variant events which probe, push, prod, and push us to the limits.

We will learn, not without ‘kicking and screaming’, and maneuvering through inconceivable occasions involving our partners. Certain dynamics are at work in the relationship which must be absorbed and absolved. When we’ve been called upon to give all we can, could or would, we will be asked to go even further. Then, and only then, will we be released IF the union has served its cosmic purpose. [Not a moment before or after.]

The ultimate point of any union, like that of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, is comprehensive metamorphosis. Although we believe ourselves to be the same, we are forever adjusting to the change of seasons. Many seasons do we weather in the course of an evolutionary soul’s decidedly dictated involvement.

No other way can we, as human beings, evolve except by and through the committed relationships we aspire to enter, connect, communicate, and subsist in order to thrive.

We are initially attracted to the other for some aspect we feel we are lacking. In some way, we see through the veil to a nebulous quality that no one else is able to see. It does not have to be a conscious recognition, but nevertheless, a character trait, a manner, a smile, a terminal softness of spirit, a sense of humor, a vitality for life, a sexual intensity unmatched by any other; something that defines a need to evolve.

By confronting the other, we are placed in a most vulnerable position whereby our imperceptible weaknesses are confronted and exaggerated to the point of fallacy in perception. In other words, we want to know, more. {What it is about the other we can’t live without).

We have to know; it’s inherently in our celestial natures. In our haste to return to our source (origin), we impatiently assign a misaligned notion to the other as providing a permanent source of unending repose. Impossible!

But, however, this intervening misleading notion is paramount in the relationship, itself. It builds that which was needed from the beginning of the union; to become more complete as one, without division and contradiction. The soul (energy) of the union, which apparently appeared to be in two bodies, merges to disintegrate hostility, relegation, competition and comparison. In other words, the perfected soul reveals the truth that has so easily beset the two involved, in as much as the egos of both fought for pride filled dominion.

Instead, with successful evolution of the relationship, {which may, in fact, be achieved by the ending of the union} the people involved realize with full certainty that the sacred energy exchanged can not be destroyed but merely changes form.

The soul of the relationship maintains, sustains, and recognizes the distinct ‘warring’ spirit was/is/can be nothing but a divided need to separate and unite at the same time.

How can this contradiction ever be resolved? By realizing the division exists in the mind alone. Nothing can ever separate the soul from itself. No matter how it appears. The soul may move on to venture into new territory of activities but the unconscious drive remains the same.

It will have what it WILLS. And, the dubious part of the relational equation is that we agreed to the terms. Have you ever considered the fact that our bodies completely renew themselves every seven years?

Every single cell we had seven years ago has been replaced. In its place a brand new organized nucleus is vibrating. IF, this be the case, then the person we were seven years ago is no longer present. In fact, if the scientific statement is true, then each moment we live we are being reformed into something else. {So is the other.}

The unmitigated fact remains: we are strangers in this land and on our way back home. {Wherever that is}. We don’t like being separated and desire more than anything else to be reunited to/with/for whatever was before this.

We yearn for the divinity’s engulfing presence! (Whatever or however that is interpreted) Since we are human, we ‘try on’ (not a good phrase, I know) relationships in the ultimate search for our beloved. Yet, we are prevented due to the veil of forgetfulness or gaseous vapor, whichever your prefer. Unconsciousness seems to fit better.

We have arrived at the unifying definition of unconscious drives in romantic involvements. The dance of opposites (disapproval/categorizing) achieve the balance of unity by overcoming the need to conquer, condemn, criticize, possess and/or denigrate the reasons for the relationship forming to begin with.

No one can define divinity’s purpose in totality. All is religiously speculative, scientifically investigative, psychologically unconscious and theologically theoretical. Indefinable Relationship is the closest/truest reflection of the Divine that is possible for our devoted viewing. We’ll just keep working at it in the dark.

On that beautiful lyrical note: {As Paul so exquisitively surmised} “Faith is the substance of the things hoped for but not yet, seen.” (Paraphrased)


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    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 7 years ago from South Africa

      Can't agree more! "Because our soul’s intent is ruthlessly determined to evolve through vicarious experiences..."

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      There are definitely an awful lots of interesting points you put into your hub. Great way of looking at it from different angles.