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Panic Attack Self Help

Updated on September 25, 2014

Calm / Panic


You are not alone...

If you or a loved one suffers from panic attacks you may be looking for some panic attack self help. And the goal of this page is to help give you some suggestions on how to deal with your panic attacks so they will go away and not come back as often.

What does a Panic Attack Feel Like?

I can only share with you what a panic attack was like for me.

Usually I would have a panic attack when I was in a very high stress situation or when I was in a crowded mall or store. Sometimes though, they would come from out of no where.

I would feel my heart pounding in my chest. I would feel like I was an observer rather than being there if that makes sense. It was almost like a dream state. I would be going through the motions of being there physically but I didn't feel like I was really there. If someone talked to me, I would not be able to focus on what they were saying. I was almost as if I was deaf. I would see their mouth moving but I wouldn't be able to comprehend what they were saying. I would sweat and feel light headed. But the pounding in my heart was the worse. After a panic attack often my chest bone would ache. Almost as if it was bruised.

This article is about ways to eliminate panic and anxiety without the use of medication.

What are Symptoms of Anxiety and Panic?

  • feeling as if you can't breath or your heart is pounding in your chest.
  • rapid heart beat
  • sweating
  • feeling of overwhelm
  • shortness of breath
  • feeling weak or lightheaded
  • Fear of loosing control

This is just a short list. Panic is different for everyone.

Ways to deal with Panic Attacks and Anxiety

For me I needed for figure out what the root cause of the panic was. For me it was two things. Worry and Fear (I was was suffering from post traumatic stress). So I needed to realized that I was worrying about something that most definitely would not happen. It took work, but I had to work on living in the now.

The other root cause for me was stress. I was under a huge amount of financial and personal stress at the time. I had to remove that stress. I did it by quitting a very high stress job. Now you don't need to be as drastic as I was, but you may be able to modify things.

Here are some things that may help you with your panic right away.

  • Learn to meditate - Learning to meditate was huge for me. I still meditate daily. It helps to keep my mind calm. If you have never meditated you can start now.
  • Find a support group- When I first had panic, I found a wonderful group of women online who all were suffering with panic and anxiety. It helped to know I wasn't alone. There are many forums out there as well.
  • Find a professional to talk to - This isn't for everyone, but I found it helped immensely to talk to a social worker. It was a safe way for me to vent and get out my feelings, fears and frustrations. The more I vented the better I felt.
  • Daily exercise- I know it doesn't sound like fun. But I found that a daily walk (even if it is just around the block) really helped me. If you start walking, You will notice a huge difference in how you feel.
  • Be positive. - It also helps to stay away from negative people as they will suck away your positive energy.
  • Breath! This is probably the most important. If you are having a panic attack, try laying on the floor on your back. Put your hands and your stomach and be aware of each breath you take. When you breath, breath into your stomach rather than chest and then let the air out slowly.. This worked for me. I almost always felt better after a few moments.

Share Your Story

If you suffer from Anxiety and Panic, please share your story below. And if you have any advise for others please leave it as well.


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    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      Thank you Stars!

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Wonderful hub, and great advice. God Bless.

    • profile image

      bexh76 7 years ago

      I definitely recommend Panic Away. My experience was horrible and this really helped

    • CurePanicAttacks profile image

      CurePanicAttacks 8 years ago

      It's very common for some people to have panic attacks in a crowded mall or store. I know I hate being around lots of unfamiliar people in a closed area, so I understand. thanks for the information. Great article post by the way

    • profile image

      rr 8 years ago

      Nice list of things to do to get rid of panic attacks.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      I use to have panic attacks driving in the snow. I still don't like it. Nice Hub!