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Panic Away Anxiety Treatment

Updated on March 12, 2011

Panic Away is an all-natural anxiety treatment that was developed by Barry Joe McDonagh. It is intended to treat mild to severe anxiety and panic attacks in people with anxiety disorders. Anxiety can best be described as excessive worry or the body’s inability to cope with stress. The makers of Panic Away claim that the program will virtually eliminate anxiety disorders in people who try the program. The program is sold online, and it is not available in stores. In addition, the company offers a free demo period that allows consumers to try Panic Away before they actually buy it.

Panic Away can be used no matter where you are, and the methods only take seconds per day to use. It is a natural method for managing stress, controlling anxiety, and reducing panic attacks that does not use prescription medication. The biggest benefit of the Panic Away program is that there is no need to visit a doctor, and there are no costly therapist bills to pay. There are no side effects like those that typically accompany prescription medication and other anxiety treatments. The program teaches people with anxiety to re-train their brain to cope with stress on a regular basis and promotes greater relaxation.

The program includes an ebook, as well as several additional instructional recordings. After the free trial, the program costs $67.95, much less than traditional treatment methods. Those who have tried the Panic Away program recommend using the methods in conjunction with nutritional supplements and other natural treatments for anxiety. There are some herbs that can greatly reduce anxiety symptoms and promote greater relaxation. Kava, passionflower, and California poppy have been clinically shown to reduce anxiety symptoms and insomnia in as little as one week. Herbal remedies for anxiety should not be used in conjunction with prescription medications, however, without the advice of a physician.

Massage therapy can also be used with the Panic Away program, and it has been shown to reduce muscle tension, stress, and promote greater relaxation as well. Routine physical exercise can also greatly reduce the effects of stress on the body, and exercise is safe to use with any anxiety treatment program. There are no cures for anxiety disorders, but many people can eliminate anxiety problems from their life with better coping mechanisms and stress management techniques. Prescription drugs often lead to increased problems with anxiety in many people, and can often lead to depression as well.


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