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Tips on Overcoming Anxiety

Updated on November 1, 2017
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Trudy otherwise known as tlcs has worked in administration most of her working career, some of my experience and knowledge can be found here

Talking about it may help
Talking about it may help | Source

The situation in the first place

Panic attacks and how to calm yourself.

In my experience I have only ever had two situations where I have really loss control and I can honestly say I did not know what had hit me! The first was one caused by total disbelief after hearing something that was going to effect me for the rest of my life, and the other was due to getting myself worked up over attending an interview.

On both occasions my heart was racing, sweat was running down my face (in the second instance this was before I attended the interview so I had time to sort myself out! would have been dreadful if it had been during!)the anxiousness that I was overcome with was overwhelming and I never thought that during the space of time that I was in that situation I was going to come out of it. Luckily on both ocassions they only lasted a minute or so but for those of you reading this who have experienced them a minute seemed like forever.

How I overcome the two I had

They can be beat you know, I started to talk myself out of them by telling myself I'm ok it's just a panic attack. I told myself this over and over until it went the first time. I also started breathing deeply, similar to those you take when your having a baby deep breath in, slowly breath out, I promise, it works!

Try relaxation as well, sit in a chair, clench your right fist, keep it tightly clenched for about 10 seconds then release and let it go limp. Do it a few time and then repeat with your left hand, exactly the same, clench your left fist, kee it tightly clenched and then release and let it go limp. Then bend your elbows and tense your arms, hold for 10 seconds and then release. Tense your shoulders, honestly this works, hold for ten seconds then release. Close your eyes and squeeze for ten seconds then relax.

You'll find that once you have done this process a few times the anxiety will go away, your breathing will go back to normal and things will look a lot better and brighter!

Panic Attacks and Anxiety can make you really miserable I know!
Panic Attacks and Anxiety can make you really miserable I know! | Source

This may help

Try to not to think your going to have a panic attack in the first place!

If you start telling yourself that your going to have a panic attack in the first place this will not help at all!

My situation was one of complete nervousness, not the same I know but it didn't help when I told myself I was going to have a panic attack because lo and behold I did have a panic attack.

If I had not got so worked up in the first place and done the relaxation exercises before I went to the interview I am sure that the panic attack would not have happened in the first place!

Calming technique that work fast

Talk yourself out of it

Tell yourself, Okay, I'm having a panic attack. I know that I'm not having a hear attack or dying or going crazy. This won't last long. It will pass. I'll get through it. Self talking should take the edge off the anxiety and the symptoms should start to fade. Practising self-talk should also take the edge off your fear of future panic attacks and lower your general anxiety level so that further attacks are less likely.

Relax, one muscle at a time

While you're reminding yourself that your going to be fine, try deep breathing or some other relaxation technique, like progressive relaxation. Relaxation helps diminish symptoms, end attacks and lower the chances of future attacks. To give progressive relaxation a try, sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and follow these points:

  • To start, clench your right fist
  • keep it tightly clenched for about ten seconds, then release and let it go limp
  • Repeat with your left hand, then both hands simultaneously
  • Next, bend both your elbows and tense your arms, then relax them and let them hang at your sides
  • To continue, tense then relax both your shoulders and your neck, wrinkle then relax your forehead and bros, squeeze your eyes shut and clench your jaw, then relax
  • Moving on, tense and relax your stomach, lower back, both thighs, buttocks, both calves and both feet
  • The whole process should take about ten minutes and try to do these exercises about twice a day (I also used these for relaxation when I was expecting my children).

Take a walk to get rid of the anxiety you are feeling!
Take a walk to get rid of the anxiety you are feeling! | Source

After the attack

After you have had a panic attack and managed to get it under control it can be quite draining.

I would suggest that if it is possible you take a leisurely walk to get your thoughts back into balance or any form of exercise that can make you feel as if you dealt with the panic attack positively.

Sometimes, it is best to try to speak to someone about the problems that are causing the panic attacks, maybe a friend or family member or indeed if it happens in the workplace a colleague or your manager.

You could also contact the doctor and let them know that you are having anxiety/panic attacks and the doctor will be able to advise you appropriately as to what would be the best course of action for you.

Going back to exercise, I have found in the past that dealing with any problems that are constantly in your head and that never seem to go away, by walking, swimming, going to the gym, cycling or doing any activity that takes you away in your mind from the problem that is causing the attacks does help.

Another alternative would be write about what is bothering you, get it down on paper, out of your head, and when the time is right you will have everything written down to discuss with whoever you decide to open your heart too.

One day at a time when dealing with your anxieties

We probably all have had some type of anxiety or panic in our lives and the way to face this could be by dealing with one day at a time or even taking one step at a time.

Some days can be worse than others and other seem to be better. When you find that you are having a good day it may well help to think about what is different about that day, why is it better than the days where you are feeling anxious and panicking about everyday situations.

Sometimes if you can pinpoint what it is and be totally honest with yourself about what is causing the problem you can then think about ways of putting that problem right.

Let's say for example the problem you are having is related to a work situation, perhaps you cannot cope with your workload or perhaps you feel as if you are being bullied. Well, if you can actually pinpoint the problem that you are having in your work life then you can approach your hierarchy who are there to listen and you may find that the problem is solved more easily than you thought.

If, let's say the problem is related to grieving, perhaps you have lost someone close to you or a family pet, this too can be dealt with and made easier to deal with if you talk to someone about.

Have a chat with a friend, sometimes talking about it can help!
Have a chat with a friend, sometimes talking about it can help! | Source

As the old saying goes 'A problem shared is a problem halved'

The saying a problem shared is a problem halved has been around for decades and if you think about it logically this could work for you. I know that some of us think maybe we are being a burden by talking to others about it but, as another old saying goes 'what are friends for'.

Please leave any comments you may like to make

I really would love to hear from you.

© 2012 Trudy Cooper


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