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Protecting Your Aging Eyes: 10 Health Tips for Better Eyesight

Updated on May 1, 2020

The most common eyesight issues that arise as you get older include cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Other eyesight problems brought about by certain ailments like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular-related diseases may appear as well. While it may be impossible to keep yourself from getting older, you can, however, prevent these age-related eyesight problems from speeding up by living a healthy lifestyle and by maintaining these 10 health tips.

1. Eat well.

Good health starts by eating well. As the adage goes: "you are what you eat", your food intake says a lot about how you will look and feel 5, 10 to 15 years from now.

2. Get enough sleep.

One of the most common causes of stress is sleep, and when you stay up all night or spend more hours at work while depriving yourself of a chance to rest and relax, you are allowing stressors to enter your body and attack your immune system. Do not give stress an upper hand! Always get the right amount of sleep (6-7 hours) and make sure to rest whenever you can.

3. Drink multivitamins daily.

Your daily food consumption may not always contain the right amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals your body needs, and at some point, you will need multivitamins to provide for the missing nutrients. Take vitamin C to strengthen your immunity, vitamin B to improve your memory and keep your mind and body active, iron, zinc and calcium for healthier blood flow and bone growth.

4. Get an eye exam every year.

Find out how your eyes are doing by visiting an eye doctor regularly. Annual eye check-ups are recommended but if you can do monthly or bi-monthly check-ups, that would be even better. The sooner you can identify your eye issues, the sooner will you find a solution for them.

5. Wear shades to protect your eyes.

Protect your eyes further from UV rays and from other minute, yet harmful, substances like dust and dirt that can damage your eyes. Wearing the right pair of shades, sunglasses, or reading glasses can also slow down the process of eyesight degeneration.

6. Wear a hat when you go outside.

Sun exposure has its benefits, but too much of it can also have adverse effects, especially on the eyes. It is highly recommended for those who enjoy the sun to wear a hat often. Wearing a hat can provide you with your much needed protection from the sunlight and from certain harmful melanomas follow.

7. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet.

As mentioned earlier, eating well can benefit your body tremendously, and not just your eyes. It would also be a good idea to add food, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A and other nutrients to your diet to ensure your good eyesight.

8. Stop bad habits like heavy smoking and drinking hard liquor.

Smoking and drinking heavily does more harm than good for your body. If you find smoking "relaxing", try to cut down on the sticks you consume daily, or better yet, stop smoking and drinking altogether. Smoking can damage your eyes in the future while drinking can harm your health in a big way.

9. Work in bright, comfortable places and not in dimly-lit offices.

Remember when you parent or teacher would tell you study only in places that are bright or well-lit? There is actually a very good reason why this must be followed: studying or reading in dark or dimly-lit areas will cause a variety of eye-related damages to your eyes without your knowing. It would be a good habit to study or read only where there is good and consistent lighting.

10. Consult a doctor as soon as you notice any eye-related issues.

Speak to your doctor immediately if you notice anything amiss. The most common symptoms of certain eye-related issues include blurry eyesight, redness, a sharp stinging sensation around the eyes and in other instances, visible wounds around the eyes or bloodshot eyes. Once you identify the clear reason behind your eye-problems, it will be easier to identify a cure.


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