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Quick Workouts For People With Little Time

Updated on March 3, 2021

Choosing A Quick Effective Workout

If little time has been your main reason for abstaining from exercise, you will find these simple fast workouts perfect for slotting into your daily routine. They can also be used for a wonderful introduction into the world of exercise to those who have never worked out. There are many to choose from it depends entirely on what area of the body you want to focus on. Whether it be achieving 'Madonna arms, toning and sculpting fabulous legs, attaining strong abdominal muscles or overall body fat reduction there is a workout for you.

Use these programs on their own or combine two, one in the morning and one in the evening, alternating different muscle groups for ultimate results.

Fast Workouts For Toning The Entire Body

I find home exercise DVDS the perfect choice to slot into my busy day.

  • Opposed to home gym equipment they are a much cheaper option.

  • Great for motivation and support opposed to attempting to strategize a routine on your own.

  • Expert advice and efficient routines for working specific muscle groups opposed to devising your own routine, unsure of the specific areas to target.

At least nearly everyone can find 10 minutes to slot into a busy day to workout with these excellent DVDS targeted for fast fat burning and overall body toning benefits. Whether you prefer a quick energy blast and maximising your heart-rate with a more cardiovascular workout or a slower pace with a pilate or stretch routine is entirely up to you.

If burning fat and overall tone is your major aim these workouts are perfect for you. They work all major muscle groups of the body in minimum time and effort. You could try combining an over-all body work out with a routine for a specific body part by doing each on alternate days.

For example you could do an overall body workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with an effective arm workout Tuesdays and Thursdays if your goal is to achieve incredibly sculpted arms.

Quick Effective Workouts At Home
Quick Effective Workouts At Home

Fast Workouts For Toning The Abs

A major cause of lower back pain can simply be a result of poor abdominal muscles. Strong abs are vital, as they support lower back muscles throughout life. A majority of back problems can be corrected or alleviated by developing strong abs. These workouts are ideal in achieving a strong mid section with maximum results.


  • Fast effective workouts in as little as 10 minutes a day.

  • Designed for toning and tightening your entire mid section.

  • Reducing and firming the waist-line.

  • Strengthening back muscles as abdominal muscles become stronger.

  • Ideal for restoring muscle tone after child-birth.

  • Improving overall fitness performance.

A great investment for abdominal workouts at home is a firm exercise mat to prevent injury and to support the back when doing ab exercises. They are also an essential item for workouts such as pilates and yoga.

An Exercise Mat Is Vital For Abdominal Workouts.
An Exercise Mat Is Vital For Abdominal Workouts.

Fast Workouts For Toning The Arms

You don't have to have fancy equipment to achieve fabulous arms as depicted in these two videos. You can achieve the same results in the privacy of your home opposed to a fancy upmarket gym when you know how. Strong arms are essential in the everyday activities such as lifting and performing every-day tasks, while crucial to the success of sports such as rowing, body building and numerous other sporting activities.


  • Avoiding and correcting the common 'under-arm hang ' due to poor triceps' muscles.

  • Correcting poor shoulder muscles associated with bad posture.

  • Developing toned well defined arm muscles that look fantastic.

  • Assisting the body with burning more calories.

  • Building strong bone mass.

Utilize A Quick Workout To Develop Strong Arms
Utilize A Quick Workout To Develop Strong Arms

Fast Workouts For Developing A Strong Butt And Legs

Again well toned legs and a firm butt can be easily achieved in the comfort and privacy of your own home with a great exercise workout designed for these major muscle groups. Strong leg muscles assist in performing everyday tasks such as climbing stairs and maintaining flexibility and muscle strength as the body ages.


  • Toning and shaping buttock muscles.

  • Developing strong calf muscles, hamstrings, toning front, back and inner thigh muscles.

  • Provides flexibility and strength assisting in day to day activities and sporting activities.

  • Helps with proper alignment of the body.

  • Helps slow down the reduction of bone loss as we age.

Quick Post And Pre-Natal Exercises

Quick Workouts For Pregnancy And Post Natal Shape-Up

It is important to look after your body throughout pregnancy and after child-birth. We all know that new Mums have very little time available with the heavy demand of raising children. These exercise workouts are perfect for slotting into a busy schedule for any Mum or Mum to be. Do not neglect yourself with a new-born baby, always allow a little time each day for yourself, this is most important.


  • Exercise throughout pregnancy can assist in easier child-birth.

  • A well devised workout will tone and strengthen the body during pregnancy and help to regain your figure much faster after child-birth.

  • Post-natal exercises can alleviate or lessen the chances of post-natal depression.

  • Increased energy for a fatigued mum with a sense of well being.

  • Help tone and firm stretched stomach muscles after child-birth.

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Make Time To Exercise After Childbirth For Health And Well-Being.
Make Time To Exercise After Childbirth For Health And Well-Being.

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