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Quit Now – 20 things and habits to quit to become a better person

Updated on November 27, 2011
Think you've hit a wall? There's always a way out when it comes to being a better person in life. Find out how
Think you've hit a wall? There's always a way out when it comes to being a better person in life. Find out how | Source

What are the things in life that you can quit now and today, to become a better person? Cliché answers are polygamy, theft, selfishness, bad habits, negative mindset and more. The world is full of vices and the list can be endless depending on individual situations and circumstances. Here is a practical 21st century approach to the things you can quit to become a better person.

1) Quit greed

What concept does a casino work on? You earn five dollars from a slot machine. Then in the hope of earning even more, you blow away those five dollars and more. The self sustaining vicious cycle of casinos goes on and you keep on becoming a victim of your own greed. The point is that there are very few people in this world who will stop at five dollars and walk out of the casino. Quit being greedy now.

2) Quit over-ambition

Ambition and goals are great but can turn lethal when they cross the line. Over ambitious people are often known to tramp over other people's feelings and emotions, use them like ladders and throw them away when they are rendered useless. Over ambition also tends to blur out other important things in a person's life such as a personal touch to relationships, spending time for the sweet nothings of life and harboring a feeling of discontent all the time. The key is to be as ambitious as you can, but to be realistic at the same time.

3) Quit malicious gossip

It's quite healthy to talk about how she looked in that tight sheath dress or how nice he smelt, but gossiping beyond that might become troublesome for you. Would you like it if people talked behind your back? If you think your gossip stays just between your friends, forget about it. Gossip travels faster than light! For all you know, it will come back to you as quickly as it went off from your mouth. And this time, someone else will have the last laugh.

4) Quit long pauses while talking

"Uuuuuuh", "Ummmmm", "Errrrrrrrrrr" and the likes of such long verbal pauses on the phone can prove to be nauseous for the person on the receiving end. You don't need to let the other person know that you're buying time to think or that you're in a sticky situation of being out of words. This habit can be very damaging to your professional image. Quit this annoying habit now and fill your long pauses with silence or politely hang up if you are on the phone.

5) Quit multi-tasking

And you look surprised! There are tasks that need your undivided attention rather than split functionality. You seriously can't be checking account sheets and calming a baby down at the same time, can you? As effective multi-tasking may seem in the real world, it needs focus and nerves of steel to get important tasks done. Critical tasks, whether in personal or professional life, need your undivided attention and your habit of multi-tasking may let you down at the point of no return.

6) Quit getting carried away

Are you always excited? That's great. And you're taking an important decision? Not so great! Getting carried away is only human. To quit doing so, the best way out is to wait for yourself to calm down before doing anything else when you seem to be getting hyper. Many of the worst and the most regrettable decisions of life can be taken when you get carried away, either by a whirlwind of passion or in a fit of anger.

7) Quit being cynical

No one can be expected to be sprightly and positive all the time. It's okay if you are not exactly a bubbly, positive person. But if you can't encourage or appreciate someone, for sure don't be negative and cynical for them. If you don't believe in dreaming big and flying high, at least don't cut off other people's wings.

8) Quit looking at the mirror all the time

No, this is not only for the ladies. In the 21st century, men are no less when it comes to spending time in front of the mirror. Spending too much time in front of the mirror can be a sign of nervousness and lack of self confidence. Taking sneak peeks at the mirror once or twice during a romantic date is fine. But being obsessed with your reflection to check if a single strand of hair has moved or not is just taking self obsession to another level. Our bodies are beautiful and beauty in itself is much more than every strand of hair being in place.

9) Quit interrupting

This should be polled as the world's most annoying habit, don't you think? Have you noticed how many times we all tend to interrupt each other while talking? Whether it is a telephonic conversation, a discussion or a candid chat, everyone seems to have mastered the art of interrupting. Quit this habit now.

10) Quit being tardy

Do you manage to always reach the office half an hour later than you are supposed to? Being late at a party may be fashionable but not when you have an appointment with someone. Not only will you end up looking unreliable but also ineffective. The first sign of a successful person is often that they can honor other people's time.

11) Quit being miserly

Saving up is great and is a core element of the 'becoming rich' mantra. But not when you're buying a present for your best friend or when you're treating your sweetheart for dinner. If you're constantly thinking accounts, money, excel sheet, savings, rates of interest and so on even on the personal front, you'll probably be a great investment banker who can't enjoy life. Remember that you won't be allowed to take your bundle of dollar bills with you in the coffin. And even if you are, they will simply rot away. So quit being miserly and feel free to wisely spend your money for your own happiness.

12) Quit being overworked

You might think working your butt of is going to reap benefits for you in the future. Be warned, as that will happen on the professional front. By being overworked, you're only going to fall sick, ruin your health, burn out, ruin your relationships and compromise on your hobbies. Quit being overworked before life quits on you!

13) Quit micro managing

Have you asked your daughter to finish a task? Then leave it to her with full independence, as far as she can complete it in the given deadline. If you start asking her about it from the very next day, that's a classic case of micro managing. No one likes it when someone sits on their head day and night and surely, you wouldn't too. If you micro manage everybody, you're actually increasing everyone's labor rather than delegating work.

14) Quite being unhealthily obese

No this is not supposed to be an offensive statement to people who are medically obese. Nor is this supposed to be offensive to people who pack a few pounds of fat. After all, what's the point of living life if you can't enjoy it without worried about packing a few pounds on? But if you are letting your junk food habits get the better of you on a daily basis, maybe it is time you reconsidered your health goals. Even of you spare 15 minutes for exercise each day, you'll probably add a few more days to your life and a whole lot of happiness of being able to do the things you want.

15) Quite using people

Fortunately or unfortunately, life always isn't about climbing up a ladder. Sometimes, you have to fall down too. And when that happens, every rung you've stepped on before will become precious. People, friends, acquaintances and networks are the most precious assets you can have in life. You may end up fighting with someone, but don't render rungs of your ladder-like life useless by ruthlessly using these resources.

16) Quit looking back

Literally and metaphorically, quit looking back now! Whenever you're unsure or indecisive about something, hold your breath high and tell yourself that whatever you did was correct. And if it wasn't, you will correct it for yourself. Looking back and regretting over the things that did not happen is not going to change what already happen. Hold your head up high and keep walking the walk of life.

17) Quit being overruled

Have you always been around bullies and more dominating personalities in school and college? Then chances are that you might be in the habit of getting your opinion smashed right, left and center and facing peer pressure. Personalities who take sadistic pleasure in taking credit for other people's ideas and stomping on other people's insightful opinions will never cease to exist. The only way to be happy in life is to stand up strong and deciding to do what you want, when you want and how you want.

18) Quit smoking

It's a different thing to smoke a cigar on a weekend or to enjoy a hookah once in a while. But if you can't live without that those sticks for more than a day, you're addicted. Not only are you draining out your own money, but you are also creating trouble for people who live with you. No, it's not about passive smoking, it's about the troubles they'd face when you die young.

19) Quit procrastination

Are you waiting for tomorrow to finish off that task that you started a while back and were supposed to finish yesterday? The pile is only going to get bigger for you folks. It's like accumulating payable interest in your bank account. Small amounts are going to add up every day to something humungous and unmanageable in the future. To-do lists don't exist to sit under fridge magnets, they're there to be completed. Quit procrastinating now!

20) Quit being difficult

Don't think you're the only person fighting the toughest battle of your life. Every person you face is probably fighting a tougher battle. Stop perching high and be open. The best way of living life is being like a sponge – absorbing what you need and squeezing out what you don't. Don't be stubborn, obstinate and difficult when you know you can ease out a little bit and make someone else happy.


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