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Reasons Why Affirmations Don’t Work and Tips to Make Affirmations Work for You

Updated on August 7, 2014
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How to make Affirmations work effectively
How to make Affirmations work effectively | Source

The basics about Affirmations

Most of us are well introduced to the concepts of Positive Thinking, NLP, Visualization, Law of Attraction etc. These could be used to manifest better health, healing, better relationship, self improvement or for more money and wealth.

Almost all these wonderful tools and concepts tap the body mind connection to improve on your present condition and achieve better results. Another common tool of these techniques or methods is the use of affirmations in one way or other. Even without these vehicles, affirmations have been used directly to derive the benefits in desired areas of one’s life.

How are the Affirmations supposed to work?

The affirmations are a set of smartly selected words ( and made into sentences or phrases) repeated to oneself loud or in whisper; in own voice or in someone’s; spoken to self or recorded and played back; with or without music; couple of them or just one phrase at a time.

The idea is to let the subconscious mind absorb these suggestions and permeate within the system. The subconscious then works to manifest what you want it to or eliminate what you don’t want anymore.

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Do the Affirmations always work?

With so much usefulness, great flexibility, yet the same set of Affirmations don’t seem to give the same results to different individuals. For that matter the affirmations seem to give varying quantum of results even to the same individual. Ever wondered why?

Want to really know?

Then read on till the end and get some tips to also to make these affirmations work for you.

Reason One: You don’t want to believe in the Affirmation yourself

Suppose you are using the affirmation ‘I LOVE EXERCISING’ and you simultaneously tell yourself that how you much you hate working out. So your subconscious is not getting one clear message and chances are that it would rather go with the negative affirmation or not do anything at all.

Suggestion: Clear your mind of all the doubts or double images, focus on one thought with all your thoughts and energy and then do the affirmations. Strengthen your thoughts and beliefs.

Reason Two: Your mental imagery is in the different direction

Suppose you want to reduce weight and eat healthy. You may select to do the affirmation “I choose to eat healthy food” and while doing it you are imagining a nice slice of double cheese pizza.

Tip: Do creative visualization so that your mind, body and thoughts are in sync.

Reason Three: The sentences are not in First Person

“Every passing day your memory is improving and you are able to easily remember what you read”. You will notice that this affirmation to improve memory and retention is in second person.

Suggestion: The affirmations should always be in first person to make them work faster and better. The correct one would be “Every passing day my memory is improving and I am able to easily remember what I read”.

Reason Four: The affirmations are in Future Tense

If you are working to improve some ability of yours, then don’t begin you sentence something like this “ I am going to be……” or “ I will have……..” Your subconscious mind will simply obey your command without asking any questions. So it will plan to manifest the desired results in future only.

Tip: The affirmations should always be in present. For example, “I have……”, “I am enjoying the……”

Reason Five: You think or say that Affirmations don’t work for you

This is also an affirmation and it is working for you.

Tip: Change your thought pattern. Keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Watch what you think and say to yourself throughout the day.

Positive Affirmations for Health & Healing with Relaxing Music

Reason Six: The frequency of saying Affirmations is very less

It is possible that you are not repeating your affirmations enough number of times in a day to produce the desired results.

Tip: The affirmations should be done for at least 5 minutes and it would be great if they are done at least 3 times a day. For good results do them just after getting up in the morning, second time immediately after lunch and third time the last thing before falling asleep. Depending on the need they can be done more than 3 times a day also.

Repeat your affirmations several times a day, every day.

Reason Seven: The statements are negative

“I don’t want to be poor anymore”. This is not a good affirmation to become wealthy or to attract money in your life.

Suggestion: I choose to receive abundance in my life now.

Examples of changing Negative Affirmations into Positive Affirmations

Negative Affirmations
Positive Affirmations
I hate to be sick!
I love to be healthy
How badly I need a new car
I am now driving a new car
I am losing weight
I enjoy getting into right weight
I am smarter than my neighbor!
I am smart and loved by all.
I don’t waste my time.
I am a smart time manager.

Positive Affirmations for Well-Being

Reason Eight: There isn’t enough preparation

Are you ready to receive the gifts from Divine? It may be possible that you are everything right but somewhere you think that you don’t deserve to be healthy or don’t have any reason to get a raise in your income etc. This shows that there is some negativity about yourself.

Tip: You have to work on self image – clean it, raise it. Increase your level of deserve-ability and remove guilt, if any. Create a very good atmosphere in and around you to welcome positive changes.

Reason Nine: You are working on too many goals simultaneously

If you are new or re-starting the affirmations work after a long with a few goals to achieve, then don’t work on all of them simultaneously.

Suggestion: Prioritize. Write down all your goals and then assign them priority numbers. Begin with the first one and take the rest one by one.

Powerful Affirmations for LOVE, Spoken & Set in Music To Attract Love, Romance, Soul Mate

Positive Quotes for Enhancing HEALING with Relaxing Music

Reason Ten: There is inconsistency

To make the affirmations work for you in a better way, you must practice for at least 90 days, with enough number of repetitions and at least 3 times a day. The more you do it the more would be the benefits. Regularity and consistency are keys to success.

Tip: Meditate on your affirmations. Close your eyes, calm your mind, disconnect from the rest of the world, repeat your affirmations and visualize that you are manifesting them effortlessly.

Make your thoughts positive
Make your thoughts positive | Source

To Sum up

So now you know that how can you use the Affirmations better to change your life. Make the necessary corrections and get going. You have all the tools to live healthy, happy, joyful life and celebrate your 100th Birthday.

NOTE: the practice of affirmations in this hub should be used as a supplement (not a substitution) to medical routines, advice and practices.

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