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Review of Jillian Michael's 'Killer Buns & Thighs' DVD

Updated on January 12, 2015

'Killer Buns & Thighs':

Jillian was not joking when she decided to call this brilliant DVD 'Killer Buns & Thighs'. Even the 'easiest' and most simple exercises in this DVD will leave your butt and thighs sore for several days afterward. Without fail she targets the butt and thighs in every single move/exercise you do. The DVD is split into 3 levels with each lasting roughly 30 minutes. I could lie and say level 1 eases your butt in gently but it really doesn't. Jillian goes straight in with the intense butt and thigh targeted exercises and combines these with short, hard bursts of cardio so your burning calories and removing fat from the muscles in order to sculpt them properly. The whole routine is also very fast moving and so I would recommend just watching it a couple of times first so you get an idea of what's coming. In level 2 she cranks up the level significantly and leaves you dripping with sweat after 15 minutes. It literally feels like the fat is dripping from your thighs as she pushes and pushes you. You will need a chair and some weights. (Drop the weights if you feel it will be too difficult and work up to using them instead). This level isn't any faster than level 1 but the movements are much more intense and you stay in them for more of a prolonged period of time. I would do level 1 for a good 3 weeks before going on to level 2. By the time you get to level 3 you should see significant improvement in your lower half and should also be fitter anyway which is perhaps why I didn't find level 3 that much harder than level 2! The warm up is slighlty more gentle but the content is as hard as level 2 but it does offer variety. Each level offers different movements so that you are not doing the same thing over and over again.


  • Boy does this DVD work! I was very self conscious about my legs in particular as my lower half is my problem area. For the first time in my life i actually feel like my body is in proportion which anyone who struggles with their lower half will know seems like an impossible ask.
  • The DVD doesn't just consist of a load of boring, difficult squats like loads of other exersice DVD's. I completed loads of movements ive never done before that Jillian herself created. I could feel muscles working that i never even knew i had!
  • You will not bulk up. I have thick calves and was concerned all this particular attention to my legs might make my calves worse by making them even more muscular but to my relief this didn't happen and instead i was left with much slimmer, toned thighs combined with more shapely calves. I actually now have improved definition between my calves and ankles which i didn't have before.
  • Although it clearly focuses on butt and thighs because of the cardio intervals and over all body workout you will actually find the whole of your body appears more toned and defined. I found this particularly so with my waist for some reason.
  • The whole DVD is quick. As is the case with 'Shed & Shred' even if you do find this tough going you will be incentivised by the fact that you're always nearly finished. I personlly feel far more able to push myself when the exercises are really starting to hurt if i know i won't be doing it for very long. Jillian has been very skilled at achieving this kind of workout as it's tough enough to make your body hurt, push it to a limit and get into shape but equally never impossible, never too brutal for you to completely give up. This is a rare quality in any workout DVD i've tried and something that is vital for sticking to this kind of exercise on a regular basis. This is also enivtably the only way to achieve long lasting results. I have found this to be the case for all the Jillian DVD's I have tried.


  • I found levels 2 & 3 a little bit too similar to each other in terms of difficulty. Level 2 was noticely harder than level 1 but level 3 was not noticeably harder than level 2. More of a breakdown between levels 1 & 2 may have been beneficial.
  • Both of Jillian's exercise buddies are quite muscular and so this could be quite intimidating for a beginner. On that subject I will highlight that this DVD is most probably not suitable for complete beginners. If you are just starting out I would recommend you invest in 'Extreme Shed & Shred' or another exercise DVD instead to start off with and begin on this one when you are slightly fitter and more toned.

In conclusion for me personally 'Killer Buns & Thighs' is the best Jillian DVD. I may be slightly bias with this one as my lower half is my 'problem area'. It's pretty brutal but because completing each level is quick combined with Jillian's encouraging attitude you can totally do it and achieve amazing results over a short period of time. 8 weeks ago my butt looked completely flat in a pair of jeans, it now looks shapley and pert and it is without question down to this DVD. However I will reiterate this is not for the faint hearted and/or beginner. See the video clip just below to get a taster of what it entails. I would suggest combining this DVD with Jillian's 'Extreme Shed & Shred' for ultimate results. I have also reviewed this DVD which you can check out at the link below.


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