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Week 3-More Weight Gone? I'm Impatient to Know If I've Lost Weight

Updated on July 4, 2009

Do I have ADHD?

 I hope that any gain I have made because of the Chinese last night is only transient, but I'll have to wait and see. That's one thing I'm not very good at, waiting.
I am so impatient and impulsive. DS1 has ADHD and I can see traits that are a sign of ADHD in me and impulsiveness (if there's such a word) is one symptom. I am sure that had I been born now I would have been diagnosed as ADHD. My mother always complained that I never slept as a baby, and it wasn't until I started school that I slept through the night (just like DS1). She said that if she was lucky I would get 2hours of sleep in any day. I can remember that I was usually awake, having gone to bed hours earlier, when my parents went to bed. Fortunately my mother was very patient and she read somewhere that a toddler can learn to read a word that it has just learnt to say. She didn't believe it and set out to prove it wrong. However it was right, and I was reading, writing doing maths in base 12 (because there were 12 pennys to the shilling) and in binary before I went to school!! and just to keep me occupied while she done the housework.

Last nights weighin 11s 4lb (158lb) loss to date 5.5lbs. Yesterday morning weight 157.4lb
Day1 - 159.2 Last nights chinese took a toll. Very busy at work today, and didn't get to eat lunch, but there must have been a VIP lunch as there were sandwiches and quiche that were left over and bought up for us to eat in the afternoon, which doesn't help weight loss as they are really scrummy. DH made up for it in the evening with making Tom Yum soup using prawns and mussels which is very very low in points.
Day2 - 157.0. The chinese meal effect obviously didn't last long thank goodness. We had smoked haddock in a small amount of Lemon sauce which not only low in points but also very nice
Day3 - 157.2 Went round a friend's house as for BBQ as the weather was quite nice. As most of us are being carefull with weight, they bought a great big salmon, wrapped it up in foil before cooking it. Served with salad, pasta and cous-cous was very low in points. The problem was the dips, crackers etc. beforehand as I was driving I used that as an excuse for not drinking. Still haven't told any of my friends that I'm back at WW
Day4 - 158.0. Being very careful with the points today especially after yesterday and the chinese Wednesday
Day5 - 156.2. Bank Holiday monday. Had chicken for lunch and tea, but cooked differently
Day6 - 157.2. Back at work. Kept well within my points today
Day7 - 156.4. WI day-my daily weighing shows I've lost 1lb this week hope it is right.
Weighed in at 11s 2lb another 2lb gone!! Silver 7 total loss to date 7.5 lb I can't believe it.

Favorite Past times (wine, sun)


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