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Week 4 - The Hospital Visit leads to Buying Step Machine

Updated on July 5, 2009

Every little helps

Last Christmas Eve (not the one just gone) DS1 fell off his skates and broke both the bones in his forearm. I ended up spending all night in hospital as they had to knock him out to re-set it. On Christmas Day he said that his hand felt numb in the plaster cast, so another night in the hospital. We went to Morroco in Feb and he hated it with this huge plaster cast on. Less than 6 months after breaking his right arm, he managed to break his left wrist, just in time for the summer holidays!!

Last weigh-in 11s 2lb (156lb) loss to date 7.5lb. Yesterday's morning weight 156.4lb.
Day1-155.0. Had some gorgous mussels in garlic sauce and with only 2.5pts
Day2-155.0. No change:( Just got to work when I got a phone call from DS1's school. DS1 had fallen awkwardly in PE and thinks he may have broken his wrist again. So off to hospital. On the plus side I managed to get into a size 12 top and trousers, (I think they were generously cut)
Day3-153.8 DS1 hadn't broken anything. Went to Tesco to get some fresh veg, and ended up buying a small stepping machine and weights that you put around your ankles
Day4-154.6. Gone up a liitle, used the stepping machine and wore the weights most of the day. It must help a little.
Day5-153.8.The drop is probably due to a change of weigh-in time. Went for a long walk at lunch time and then spent all the evening mowing the lawn. Every little helps as they say
Day6-154.2. Up again, must try harder. Done a few steps on the stepping machine.
Day7-154.0. This week I've gone from 156 to 154 on my figures
Weigh-in 11s 1lb (155lb) lost 1lb total 8.5lb. Last week on my figures I had lost 1lb, and WW said 2lb. This week it has reversed. Well, as long as they both say Loss.


My Measurements

I measure myself every 4 weeks as sometimes if you don't lose pounds, you lose a dress size
I measure myself every 4 weeks as sometimes if you don't lose pounds, you lose a dress size


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