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Week 6 Holiday Preparation when Dieting to Lose Weight

Updated on July 9, 2009

Initial Planning

 We're off to Oliva in Spain where we have rented a villa on Monday, so most of this week I'm going to save as many points as possible until holiday, that way, if I don't count while on holiday, too much damage won't have been done.

I am looking forward to getting into the sun, and warm evenings

I'm taking my points calculator and the Shopping guide just in case I feel the need.

Yesterday WW weigh in 10s 13lb loss to date 10.5 lb. Morning weight 153.8lb
Day1-152.4 the 2lb loss recorded last night seems to be true. Had salmon for tea and lots of 'stepping' to add to the 'holiday point saving' (HPS) program
Day2-151.0 The left-overs came out again, and they kept calling me to eat them. I did stop myself after 3 quarter of a sandwich and a piece of quiche. Thank goodness for quorn for tea. Lots more stepping in front of TV.
Day3-151.4 spent 3 hours mowing the lawn so that its not too bad when we get back from hols
Day4-151 again just hope that I've saved enough
Day5-150 Holiday starts today. I only managed to save 6 points, but I don't count/use any activity points with the mowing and nearly 2 hours of heavy duty stepping, there would be quite a few.


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