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Week 5-Have I Lost Enough Weight to Get into the Next Stone Bracket

Updated on July 13, 2009

 Will I get into the next stone bracket this week? Which ever way it will be good and bad news. If I do then that's the good but having to drop a point is the bad. If I don't then thats the bad news but the good news is that I don't have to drop a point.

After last weeks bbq DH suggested that everyone comes over to ours for food this weekend, so another chance at upsetting my weight loss, but at least I'll have more control over the food being available for consumption!

Yesterdays WW Weight 11s 1lb (155lb) loss to date 8.5lb. Morning weight 154.0lb
Day1-154.0 I was doing fine until the left-over food from a VIP meeting was brought upstairs. The M & S sandwiches, quiche, sausage rolls, crisps etc. etc get left right by my desk. Saves buying lunch!!
Day2-154.2 (Obviously due to the quiche yesterday!!)
Day3-154.0 Friends came over and I done a side of salmon (wrapped in greaseproof paper then foil) and a great big bowl full of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and manderines. Together with the bits that everyone else brought things went really well. At first nobody wanted the fruit, but I put some in smaller bowls around the table and it soon went.
Day4-155.0 Had ham roll for breakfast & lunch. I don't use butter/spread just Extra Light Mayo instead.
Day5-154.2 had a portion of biscuits before finding out that they were 2 points. Fortunately DH had done prawn stir-fry which was low in points. Stepped for 1/2 hour while watching TV
Day6-153.4 Good drop! We had Quorn for tea-Not bad for zero points plus 20mins of stepping.
Day7-153.8 If I am careful today I might have lost 1 pound
Weigh-in 10s 13lb lost 2lb! thats 10.5lb in total at WW (11.5 lb on my daily weigh-in)


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