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Sciatica Home Treatment

Updated on July 3, 2011

The main goal of every sciatica treatment is to mitigate pain. Sciatica can be relieved by proper administration of easy to do interventions. Sciatica home treatment is one route commonly taken in the quest of the cure for sciatica. Home treatment for sciatica basically includes manageable interventions that you can do at home. Patients are carefully instructed and supervised by a specialist to appropriately manage home sciatica treatment.

The heat and ice treatment have been the most common home-based treatment for sciatica. It is an effective way of relieving acute sciatic nerve pain. Combining the two methods provides maximum benefits and results. It is a known fact that ice can reduce swelling. It is usually advised as a quick relief for pain caused by any forms of inflammation. Cold pack or ice application therapy acts to numb the soreness caused by the inflammation of the surrounding area of the affected nerve. It is usually applied in the first 48 hours of the manifestation of the inflammation, to impede the worsening of the condition. Typically the treatment may lasts for 2-7 days depending on the severity of sciatica symptoms.

Heat Therapy for Sciatic Pain

Heat therapy or hot compress is used to divert the focus of the brain from the pain of sciatica to the stimulated sensory receptor of the skin. The use of heat stimulates the sensory receptors of the skin causing the dilatation of the blood vessels thus increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the inflamed lumbar area, aiding in the healing process. It is best applied after the pain has subsided; normally 3 to 7 days right after the condition has been noted. Taking a hot shower is proven to be effective to get the most out of heat therapy. For maximum results, use heat therapy right after the cold pack treatment.

Avoid lifting or carrying heavy objects since it increases sciatic pain. Carrying and lifting of heavy objects bring upon a tremendous amount of force and pressure on the lower back which exacerbates sciatic nerve pain. It greatly contributes to the already distressed nerve root on the lumbar area adding more pain and pressure.

Exercise is Beneficial

Try to move around as much as possible and do tolerable activities. Try to do some stretching and home workouts on a daily basis. Regular exercise helps to strengthen the core and back muscles. There are a lot of sciatic exercises that can easily be done at home. Make it a habit to perform at least 2-3 exercises a day. Refrain from long periods of reclining and lying on bed since it was revealed that inactivity worsens sciatica. When sleeping always maintain a comfortable position without putting too much pressure on your lower back.

Sciatica home treatment basically involves basic and easy to do interventions to effectively decrease sciatic nerve pain. Consistently following proper home management of sciatica may gradually diminish the symptom over time. Application of home remedies for sciatica entails patience and resiliency. Bear in mind that pain will not go away overnight. Continuous practice and appropriate application of sciatica home treatment are needed to acquire desirable outcomes.

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    the happy body 6 years ago

    for the most part, Sciatic nerve pain relief can also be achieved by natural means.

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    Sciatica 7 years ago

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  • Gypsy Willow profile image

    Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

    Useful tips, thanks, I shall book mark in case of future need